Researchers at The University of Alabama seek volunteers to participate in studies. Brief descriptions of active projects in need of volunteers are provided along with contact information.

Note to researchers: Only projects approved by the UA Institutional Review Board are eligible for inclusion on this page. All projects submitted by students will be sent to the faculty adviser for approval. When a new project is added, a link to this page may be included in the email newsletter, Inside UA, distributed to the campus community. For consideration, please use the Submit News form and note the purpose in the description.


Adults younger than 50 who had a positive test for COVID-19 are needed for a study of lifestyle factors such as health and diet that may impact severity of COVID-19 symptoms. The anonymous online survey will take about 30 minutes to complete and provide UA researchers with important information that may help protect against severe cases of the coronavirus. This survey contains questions about health history, lifestyle factors and daily diet. For more information and to begin participation, please visit the study’s webpage.


A study investigating how teenagers with elevated social anxiety symptoms respond to social pictures is seeking teens. The Center for Youth Development and Intervention is conducting the study. Teenagers must be at least 12-years-old, but not older than 16. A study session will last about two-and-a-half hours and involve the completion of questionnaires, an eye tracking task, an interview, a brief assessment of verbal abilities and a computerized task. At least one parent has to participate in the study with their child. Parents will complete questionnaires and an interview, as well. Parents and their teen will receive one payment of $35 for compensation. For more info, contact 205-348-3535, email or visit the study’s website.


A study from the UA Department of Kinesiology needs members of The University of Alabama faculty and staff to complete a web survey. The purpose of this study is to assess accuracy of using the selected images in future research of decision-making processes related to physical activity. Participants will fill out a survey online estimated to take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey contains questions about demographic background, physical activity level and opinions on the selected images related to physical activity. This is an anonymous survey, and all answers are voluntary. Participants may stop the survey at any time. The study is conducted by graduate students Emily Colster and Togy Zagdsuren. For more information or questions, please contact the UA faculty advisor for this project, Dr. Hayley MacDonald, at 205-348-2117 or To participate in this survey, click here or copy and paste the address into a web browser:


The Center for Advanced Public Safety seeks volunteer households to take part in a study on severe weather events. Trained UA students will conduct interviews and observations of participating households before, during and after severe weather events during the fall and spring severe weather season. The researchers will contact participants as forecast of severe weather become available. The information will be reported to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Severe Storms Laboratory to to improve distribution and communication of tornado warnings as well as publication of findings in academic journals and books. To volunteer, or to get more information, please contact Jake Reed at 205-348-9074 or; or Dr. Laura Myers at 205-348-5701 or


Couples married or living together are needed to participate in a sleep study. Participants will be part of two laboratory sessions lasting 2-and-a-half hours that involve individual activities and discussions with your partner. Physiological responses will be monitored and some activities videotaped. Sleep will be monitored at home for those in the study, and researchers will ask participants to sleep for a certain amount of time prior to each laboratory session. Participants can be compensated up to $310 per couple.

Couples may be eligible if:

  • They are married or living together
  • Neither person smokes
  • Neither have a known sleep disorder
  • Both are between the ages of 18 to 45
  • Not pregnant or have children under 5 years old.

To be considered for participation, or to get more information, please contact the researchers at


Researchers at The University of Alabama – Drs. Sonya Pritzker, Jason DeCaro and Dr. Josh Pederson – are seeking romantic partners between the age 25 through 75 who have been living together for at least one year to take part in a study about how everyday communication affects the body. Participants will be asked to complete a survey, be interviewed about their relationship and perform daily activities and interactions in their home together under observation of the researchers. Participants will wear devices that monitor heart rate and will be asked to provide saliva samples to measure stress. The study will be conducted over four days in participants’ homes. Couples will be compensated $200 for their time. To sign up to participate, or to get more information, please contact the researchers at 205-632-0696.