Students Win National Award for Advertising Campaign

Students from Minerva, advertising and public relations’ graduate portfolio program, won silver at the national American Advertising Awards June 2. The campaign, titled “Spotify Audiobooks – Sincerely,” marks the program’s first national win in five years.

Morgan Egan was the campaign’s copywriter, and Amanda Bowring, Laney Davis and Carlisle Ballard were its art directors. The campaign features a series of posters and billboards that “speak” to passersby via audiobook titles. “Dear Art Majors,” says one, featuring the cover of Lori Sullivan’s “Jobs That Won’t Disappoint Your Parents.”

In February, the campaign won a gold ADDY in Tuscaloosa’s local American Advertising Awards. From there, the campaign won silver in the district competition and silver at the national awards in June.

“It’s wonderful when students win awards because it is a tangible and measurable outcome for all the hard work they put into a campaign,” said Mark Barry, assistant professor in the advertising and public relations program and Minerva director. “Minerva has a reputation for developing industry-ready creatives and awards like this help build upon that reputation.”

The winning campaign featured cheeky billboard ads.

“I am absolutely in love with being an art director,” said Bowring. “In a way, this award is confirmation that I am on the right path. It’s reassuring to know that other professionals appreciate my work, and I am very pleased that I got to share this experience with my amazing teammates.”

She continued, “Minerva is training strong creative thinkers, and I believe this award is proof of that. Minerva’s focus has always been on how to concept well. Since starting my career, I have seen how much that skill is valued.”

Minerva has a reputation for developing industry-ready creatives and awards like this help build upon that reputation.

“Winning a national award in the field I love is an incredible honor,” said Davis. “It’s been a great remedy for any lingering imposter syndrome and a reminder that my ideas and work can go places. I hope it inspires other Minerva students and alumni to make great things in the future, which is what I plan to do!”

As for what comes next, Barry said, “We all get back to work on coming up with the next concept.”

The American Advertising Awards, conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting more than 25,000 entries every year. The three-tier competition starts at the local level, progresses to district and concludes at the national American Advertising Awards.

Minerva is a two-year portfolio program that offers students the opportunity to build a competitive creative portfolio while getting their undergraduate or graduate degree in advertising at The University of Alabama.