Women in wheelchairs celebrating a victory.

Adapted Athletics Seeks Funding for Equipment from Bama Blitz

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — University of Alabama Adapted Athletics is looking to raise funds for custom sports wheelchairs through UA’s annual Bama Blitz crowdfunded, social-media-driven campaign April 18-20.

UA Adapted Athletics includes men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis, with para track and field starting this summer. The programs have won 20 national championships with men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball winning national titles last month.

A custom sports wheelchair is essential to the success of an adapted athlete. Just as football and basketball players wear different shoes in competition, adapted athletes use different wheelchairs for their sports that are designed and built to maximize their skills and abilities.

“We are not supported by Athletics at The University of Alabama, and wheelchairs for our athletes are very expensive,” said Brent Hardin, director of UA Adapted Athletics. “Every athlete is different, and they need a sports wheelchair that fits their body type and their unique disability. Without a custom-made sports wheelchair, collegiate wheelchair athletes really cannot meet their full potential and compete at the highest level.”

University supporters and anyone who would like to help Adapted Athletics continue its championship tradition can do so by contributing during Bama Blitz. Beginning at noon April 18 and ending at noon April 20, Bama Blitz directly supports a variety of key projects in UA’s colleges, schools and units.

To support the Adapted Athletics program, donors can make a gift online by visiting bamablitz.ua.edu.