Bryan Fair speaks to two students

Connection Through Giving: We Are UA Ambassador Bryan Fair

In his 32 years on the faculty of The University of Alabama Law School, Bryan Fair has relished all aspects of teaching, scholarship and service. The Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law has valued working with colleagues across campus. But more than anything, he said, he has enjoyed his students, whether they come from within the state or from across the globe.

“They have really inspired me, and I have learned from them. It’s been rewarding in so many ways. I haven’t had a bad day at work in 32 years.”

Fair expressed a sense of connection with faculty and staff from UA’s nearly 200 years as an institution. They looked to the needs of the future and made UA what it is today. Likewise, he sees the We Are UA campaign as an opportunity for faculty and staff of today to shape the future of generations of students.

As faculty and staff have given to students, and students given in return, Fair sees that giving multiplied throughout the world through the post-graduation lives of students “who have graduated and gone on to distinguished careers serving thousands of people with honor and integrity.”  While he appreciates all his awards and recognitions received at UA, these students fill him with the most pride.

The We Are UA campaign is really about the future, and the center of that future is students.

He also described the giving between the University and everyone who is a part of the UA community. “If you’re interested in art, in music, in theatre, in ideas, the University has that. We have speakers from all over the world, we have OLLI for retirees. It’s a great place for people who are thoughtful, caring, curious. It’s been an extraordinary opportunity for me to be a part of it.”

He has tried to match what UA has given to him by being fully engaged and available to his students, even hosting Thanksgiving dinner for those who cannot return home for the holiday. “I’ve tried to give service on campus, in the state, nationally. I’ve tried to use my talents to serve, to devote myself to the teaching, the research, the service expected of faculty members.”

And he is proud and excited to represent faculty and staff in the giving campaign. “Each of us can identify areas we’re passionate about. We can all think about the enormous benefits we’ve received during our service at the University and how we can give back so that the next several generations of students can continue to thrive and excel.”

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