Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Use Lastpass

LastPass: The Last Password You’ll Ever Memorize

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The Office of Information Technology provides UA students, faculty and staff with a variety of tools and software to stay cybersafe. Throughout the month, OIT will be sharing cybersecurity tips and best practices. 

Let’s Talk Passwords  

Have you developed a bad habit of repeatedly using the same password for every login? Or do you find yourself always clicking the “forgot password” option because you don’t remember your password? If so, OIT has a solution: LastPass is the tool for you! 

Meet LastPass 

LastPass is a free tool available for UA students, faculty and staff that not only creates strong and unique passwords for every login, but also ends the hassle of remembering all your passwords. LastPass’ password manager can create a new, strong password for every website and mobile app you visit, making it more difficult for hackers to access your information. LastPass also rates your current passwords and suggests new, stronger passwords where needed.  

UA faculty and staff are able to activate LastPass for University use and personal use. Only University account information should be stored in the enterprise account; however, the personal use account should be tied to a personal email address and can be used to store personal passwords and sensitive information.

Keep Passwords Secure in the LastPass Vault 

All passwords are then stored away in a secure, encrypted vault that provides an extra layer of security. After passwords are stored in LastPass, they can auto-fill when you visit websites. With LastPass, the only password you need to remember is your LastPass password, it remembers the rest for you! 

Download LastPass Today  

LastPass works as a browser extension and mobile app so you can utilize the tool on all your devices. Learn more and get started using LastPass today at 

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