Photograph from the view of the steps of Gorgas Library looking out over the Quad full of groups of students sitting in the grass

Fall Health Safety Reminders

As classes resume for fall semester without COVID protocols or restrictions, campus medical officials remind students, faculty and staff that COVID infections are still occurring, and vaccinations and boosters are the best way to combat infections and serious illness.

Recent COVID variants are more transmissible but create less severe illness for most. While vaccination doesn’t prevent infection, it can limit the risk of serious illness — and the resulting time away from class, work and activities that result from a positive test. Both the Student Health Center and University Medical Center offer vaccine and treatment options, particularly for those considered high risk.

COVID tests remain widely available at pharmacies and campus medical facilities. The SHC and UMC also continue to offer treatments and telemedicine visits for those who test positive or experience symptoms, which include sore throat, fever and aches.

Based on updated guidance, the University no longer provides separate isolation housing for those who test positive for COVID-19, and the hotline to report COVID-19 cases ceased operations in June. Students and the broader UA community are asked to follow CDC guidelines and consult their medical provider for guidance on questions about COVID.

Those who test positive should plan to isolate in their living quarters. More detailed information, including how to contact the Student Health Center or University Medical Center, is available at the UA Healthinfo site, specifically the sections indicated for students and faculty/staff.

Communities and campuses around the country are also planning to deal with other viruses, including monkeypox. While no cases of monkeypox have been reported at UA or in the surrounding community, it has appeared on campuses in other states. UA’s situational response team has experience planning for COVID and will respond similarly as needed with communication, information and resources.