UA Adds Temporary Directives that Restrict Access, Prohibit Gatherings

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – The University of Alabama, part of the University of Alabama System, announced today additional temporary directives for student safety.

“Tide Together now more than ever, we are seeing the harsh consequences at other universities which have been forced to close abruptly because safety protocols were not followed, said UA President Stuart R. Bell. “The eyes of the nation are following us closely and I am confident we will meet and exceed our status as frontrunners.”

These added directives place stricter access restrictions and prohibit gatherings at on- and off-campus residences and place a 14-day moratorium on all in-person student events.

“We are doing everything in our power to have a successful fall semester,” said Dr. Myron Pope, vice president for student life. “We are calling on our student body to do your part each and every day – on campus and off campus.”

Effective immediately, the following additional directives are imposed as interim policies for all students of The University of Alabama, clarifying and building upon existing guidelines:

  1. Greek Houses – Access Restricted and Gatherings Prohibited
    • All common gathering areas of Greek housing facilities are hereby closed.
    • Residents may reside in their rooms.
    • Meal service will be grab-n-go for residents and members.
    • No one other than residents, advisors, and staff may enter a house.
    • Social distancing is essential.
    • Gatherings are prohibited in the house, on campus, and off campus.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
  1. Housing and Residential Communities Facilities – Access Restricted and Gatherings Prohibited
    • Common areas of our Housing and Residential Communities will remain closed.
    • Visitors are prohibited.
    • Social distancing is essential and gatherings are prohibited in the rooms, on campus, and off campus.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
  1. Off-campus Houses – Gatherings Prohibited
    • Off-campus residents are required to comply fully with the social activity, mask, and social distancing restrictions put in place by the Governor and the City.
    • Off-campus gatherings are prohibited by law and University rule.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed for anyone who hosts or attends a social gathering in violation of these ordinances.
  1. Escalated Consequences
    • Hosts of gatherings will receive heightened consequences, even for a first offense.
    • Serious and repeated violations will result in suspension.
  1. Moratorium on Student Events
    • The University is entering a 14-day moratorium on all in-person student events outside of classroom instruction, social or otherwise.

For more information on UA’s return plan and its directives and policies, go to the HealthInfo website.


Deidre Stalnaker, UA director of communications,