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UA In The News — Jan. 23

Human Trafficking and the ‘BEAMS’ Project
Alabama Public Radio – Jan. 23
The Alabama Public Radio news team spent fourteen months investigating the issue of human trafficking in Alabama. You can find that content at The project meant talking with a lot of people, and there’s one part of the story that has taken until now to come together. It’s a University of Alabama project designed to help trafficking survivors, and to build trust where trust appears to be rare.

First cases of Coronavirus reported in U.S.
WVUA – Jan. 22
Hundreds of people in China are becoming ill from the Coronavirus. Several deaths have been reported and now the scare has entered the U.S. “On the 21st, we found our first case in the United States in Washington state,” said Dr. John Higginbotham, chair of the department of community medicine and population health at The University of Alabama.

Woman says she killed her rapist in self-defense, but she could spend life in prison
Oregon Live – Jan. 22

It was a cold and snowy night in the tiny city of Stevenson, Alabama, when Brittany Smith walked into the Mapco station and whispered for the clerk to give her a pen and paper.  Brittany’s neck was red and tears were in her eyes. There appeared to be blood on her chin, and a broken fingernail left her bloody pinky exposed. Courtney Cross, an assistant professor of clinical legal instruction and the director of the Domestic Violence Law Clinic at the University of Alabama, said there’s a gender discrepancy when it comes to successfully arguing justifiable homicide in Alabama.

WVUA – Jan. 22

If you have Medicare as your insurer, there’s an exciting new opportunity for you to stay healthy. It’s called a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam.  University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Weida said the exam is a great service for Medicare patients wanting to keep an eye on their health and prevent issues down the road.