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UA In the News — Jan. 16,17

Construction of New Tutwiler Residence Hall begins
CBS 42 – Jan. 15
Construction is underway on the new Tutwiler residence hall on The University of Alabama campus. The 365,000-square-foot dorm will house more than 1,200 freshmen. The dorm is expected to cost 150- million dollars.
NBC (Huntsville)
University Business

Flu shot effectiveness
WVUA – Jan. 16
Doctors at The University of Alabama say kids and young adults are at an increased risk for flu this season, especially compared to the last couple of years. Dr. Thomas Weida strongly suggest you are better off getting a flu shot than not having a shot. The flu can weaken even the strongest of us, and in some cases it has killed many Americans.
Fox 6

WVUA – Jan. 15

At one time or another we’ve all wanted to shed a few pounds. University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences faculty member and registered dietician Suzanne Henson discusses how you can avoid fad diets and stay on track with your weight loss goals. “In the two decades I’ve been working in this field, the thing that will always work is balance and not eliminating any one food group,” Henson said. Some people may need to shift their eating habits a little more toward new food groups, like eating more vegetables.

UA Political Science professor explains impeachment process
WVUA – Jan. 15
University of Alabama political science professor Dr. Allen Linken also touched on impeachment details and offers us a breaks down on this historic process. After the articles are given to the senate, the managers will act as the prosecutors for house democrats and begin the case against President Trump.

Rise School celebrates 20 years of inclusive early education
Houston Chronicle – Jan. 17

Words on a hallway sign at the Rise School of Houston are no mere reminder to play well with others. “Together Everyone Achieves More” is more like a mantra instilled in students and staff since the opening, 20 years ago this month, of the school that serves young children both with developmental disabilities and without in the same classrooms. Ahead of an anniversary party Thursday, the Rise School “family” has been reflecting on the success of its model for inclusion. When the Duncans’ grandson Michael was born with Down syndrome, they wanted to help. They toured the flagship Rise program at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where they saw children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other conditions learning alongside typically developing peers.

University of Illinois to raise tuition as trustees approve new contract, 40% raise for President Tim Killeen
Chicago Tribune – Jan. 16

For the first time in six years, tuition will be going up for in-state students attending University of Illinois schools.  Trustees on Thursday unanimously approved a proposal that will raise base tuition for Illinoisans by 1.8% at the campuses at Urbana-Champaign and Chicago, and by 1% in Springfield. State data shows thousands of Illinois high school graduates migrate out of state for college. The majority land in the Midwest, but schools such as University of Alabama also have successfully attracted high-achieving Illinoisans.

Planning to get hitched on a plantation? Pinterest won’t help you plan that wedding.
Montgomery Advertiser – Jan. 16

Luxury, romance, charm. These are words that describe many former slave plantations. If you prefer a “Gone with the Wind” interpretation of southern antebellum history, then perhaps you might agree. But if your historical analysis is more in kind with “Roots,” things get sticky.   Language like this is what sparked a national campaign that’s had the wedding industry talking since last month, when five major companies offering wedding planning tools announced they would restrict the promotion of plantation-related content. But, as University of Alabama Department of History Chair Joshua Rothman notes, this logic omits a key distinction. “It’s not just that a bad thing happened at this place. It’s that systematically bad things happened. These places cannot exist without the system of those bad things.”

Joyce Vance discusses new information from Les Parnas (Live interview)
MSNBC (National) – Jan. 16
Leading off our discussion, John Heilemann, National affairs analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. He is the co-host of show time’s “The Circus” and editor in chief of “The Recount.” Joyce Vance, a former U.S. Attorney and professor at The University of Alabama School of Law. She’s an MSNBC legal contributor.

Meet the Class: NASA’s newest astronauts could be assigned to Moon, Mars missions
ABC (Pollok, Texas) – Jan. 16

NASA welcomed a new class of astronauts to its active roster Friday, marking the first time the space agency has held a public graduation ceremony. The class, selected in 2017, includes 11 NASA astronauts and two from the Canadian Space Agency. They join a corps of 35 others who are now eligible for assignment on missions to the Moon, Mars, or the International Space Station as part of the Artemis program.
ABC (Tyler, Texas) Announces Best Master’s in Gifted and Talented Education Degree Programs for 2020
Spoke – Jan. 15, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, has announced the Top 30 Master’s in Gifted and Talented Education Degree Programs for 2020. The comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 182 accredited colleges and universities in the nation. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment. …The University of Alabama.
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