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UA In the News — Oct. 11

Let the games begin at Native American Festival
Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 11
The Moundville Native American Festival’s objective remains the same in the event’s 31st year: to teach its expected 13,000 visitors about Native Americans while celebrating the culture’s achievements.

University of Alabama to study how Tuscaloosa residents prepare for severe weather
WVTM-13 – Oct. 11
The University of Alabama is launching a new component to a study centered around how people in the area react to severe weather. Dr. Laura Myers says, “We’ve been talking to him after the fact and so now we’re going to flip that around and find out what they do before the storm and we’re going to be right there with them to find out what they do right before the storm and nobody’s ever done that.” Researchers will reach out to families a few days prior to the severe weather event to make sure they’re aware of it. Then on the actual day of the storm those researchers will hunker-down with residents to study how they handle the approaching weather.

UA president announces advisory committee to support campus diversity goals
Oct. 10, 2019
Fox 6
The University of Alabama has recently created a campus diversity advisory committee.

Is improving leadership even on the radar for PR?
PRWeek – Oct. 11
Is improving leadership even on the radar screen in the PR profession? It’s a real question and a big one because, according to PR pros surveyed in the Plank Center for Leadership’s Report Card 2019, there has been no positive improvement in PR leadership since the Plank studies of 2015 and 2017.In this year’s study, like the previous ones, PR leaders received an overall grade of “C+.”

Mindful Engagement Practices for Disengaged PR Pros – Oct. 11
Recently, the University of Alabama’s Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations Leadership Report Card was the latest canary in the PR coal mine to sound the alarm regarding professional disengagement. The Plank narrative described “sharp perceptual differences” between public relations leadership and the rank-and-file. Women, the findings showed, are particularly susceptible to being “less engaged, less satisfied with their job, less confident in their work cultures, and more critical of top leaders.”

West Alabama inmates find rehabilitation in prison ministry
Crimson White – Oct. 10
University of Alabama senior Jackson Wewers volunteers in a business literacy program at Bibb. As an accounting major, Wewers began volunteering through a class in the Culverhouse College of Business, but he continued his involvement because of his faith. “I’m a Christian … If I believe in redemption, I should want to see people change their lives for the better,” Wewers said. Wewers believes practical education programs like his are necessary companions to spiritual ministries in a prison. “Spiritual redemption that doesn’t equip people [practically] leaves them stuck where they are,” Wewers said. “Through practical help, these business skills can keep [inmates] from returning.”

Do media reports create imitation offenders? – Oct. 11
In a study from 2017, the criminologist Adam Lankford of the University of Alabama could detect no short-term contagion effect. However, he did find evidence that media reports such as Halle could have a long-term imitator effect and increase the frequency and severity of subsequent events .

FSU to start collegiate recovery program
ABC (Tallahassee, FL) – Oct. 10
Battling substance use can seem impossible. And that’s a reality for 40-percent of students who drop out of college because of it. UA Alumnus Blake Schneider says, “I felt like alone I didn’t have that support. And the University of Alabama started a program in 2012 and then I found my people.” This was after Schneider had dropped out of school because of substance use. Now he runs the collegiate recovery program at Mississippi State University.

Healthy Eating by Shelby Shelby – Oct. 11
During the week of October 14-18th schools across the country are celebrating National School Lunch Week. This week focuses on the impact that school nutrition has on students’ health. The Butler County School Nutrition Program has made a commitment to improving the health of their students and supporting their local community through the Farm to School Program. Shelby Shelby, RDN, LD registered dietitian living in Morgantown, KY. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky and completed her dietetic internship through the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Kentucky. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama.