Summer 2019 Graduates Announced at UA

  • August 2nd, 2019

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The University of Alabama will award some 1,514 degrees during summer commencement Aug. 3. With a beautiful campus, dozens of challenging academic programs, expert and world-renowned faculty and numerous opportunities for service and growth, The University of Alabama is a place where legends are made. UA offers its students a premier educational, cultural and social experience with more than 200 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. The campus gives students the opportunity to interact with faculty performing cutting-edge research.

Candidates for degrees include:

AbbevilleALNakireyah A. TruittBachelor of Arts
AdamsvilleALJeffery Kyle AustinB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AdgerALAbigail G. WillisBachelor of Arts
AlabasterALSerena N. BaileyMaster of Arts
AlabasterALMiranda McClanahanMaster of Social Work
AlabasterALJordan Mckensie WebsterBachelor of Arts
AlabasterALStephanie N. KnightB.S. in Education
AlabasterALAdam M. PartonBachelor of Arts
AlabasterALCaroline M. ClarkB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AlabasterALCamela B. ThomasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AlbertvilleALJessie Cole DickieB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AlbertvilleALKennedy Foster NicholsonB.S. in Electrical Engineering
AlbertvilleALRyan T. PrickettB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexander CityALCharles Anderson ElliottB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Alexander CityALRandi MoonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AlicevilleALAudrey Ann FraserB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AlicevilleALJennifer Leigh PettisM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
AnnistonALCourtney Nicole RussawB.S. in Education
AnnistonALKierra D. WrightBachelor of Arts Communication
AnnistonALReagan E. PayneBachelor of Arts Communication
ArabALLarry Dewayne Hollaway IIIB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ArabALJo-Anne HuttonMaster of Social Work
ArabALAllyson L. WalshBachelor of Arts Communication
ArdmoreALSavanna N. WhittBachelor of Arts
AritonALKayla Brooke RussellB.S. in Nursing
AthensALEmily Rachel McNairyBachelor of Arts
AthensALAmanda ShoreMaster of Social Work
AthensALKaren Sue ChockleyMaster of Arts
AthensALAvery Elizabeth HamptonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AthensALBriana Ball HawkinsMaster of Social Work
AttallaALLandon R. RobertsonMaster Business Administratn
AuburnALBritt-Nae L. DowdellMaster of Social Work
AuburnALRachel Anne MorrellMaster of Social Work
AuburnALRachel Betty AdamsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AuburnALKelsi L. ClevelandBachelor of Science
AuburnALAnna K. TankersleyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Bay MinetteALSarah L. BarnettMaster of Accountancy
Bay MinetteALKrystal Nicole SmithMaster of Science in Nursing
Bay MinetteALMatthew Dale SprinkleB.S. in Nursing
BellamyALEmilee S. GriffithB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BessemerALRheanna Jane RemmelDoctor of Philosophy
BessemerALApril IrwinMaster of Arts
BessemerALBrittani S. JohnsonB.S. in Nursing
BessemerALWhitney F. JonesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BessemerALMelissa K. JonesB.S. in Nursing
BessemerALBrooke Pauline BunnB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BessemerALCourtney L. NolanMaster of Social Work
BessemerALCurtis J. GarnerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BessemerALJaJuan L. CarterB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BessemerALSera E. PowersB.S. in Nursing
BirminghamALRyan B. MarloweB.S. in Education
BirminghamALLandon M. ThurmonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALRobert Bond HigginsMaster of Laws
BirminghamALJohn D. DamrichB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALCameron R. TiptonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALRachael Elaine DaughtryMaster Library Infor Studies
BirminghamALJoseph Adrian RickertDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALThomas H. RileyB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BirminghamALMitchell Cardell Baldwin, Jr.B.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALBrenda L. BallBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALJameira Jashai McCannB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALJordan Curtis DePaolantonioB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALKayla HortonBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALScott K. McCormickB.S. in Chemical Engineering
BirminghamALDavid J. Turner IIIB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALLena BarrettMaster of Tax Accounting
BirminghamALEric L. UnderwoodMaster of Arts
BirminghamALElizabeth J. UrrutiaBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALAlexander S. Van WagnenMaster of Tax Accounting
BirminghamALMargaret A. ViceB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BirminghamALSamuel M. BeckensteinM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
BirminghamALDesmond R. VillalbaDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALDarielle D. DraperBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALBrooks Douglas BellBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALLaura Jeanne McNeillDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALMeagan Bryant BennettMaster of Arts
BirminghamALBenjamin R. DunlapB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALMichael T. RoweBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALRachel Sophia MedlockBachelor of Science
BirminghamALHaley M. WaitesBachelor of Science
BirminghamALCaroline D. RussellMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALAshley Jordan BlackwellB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALBrooke Elizabeth JacksonMaster of Arts
BirminghamALWilliam D. ElliottBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALAlex T. EllisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALWilliam C. WardB.S. in Education
BirminghamALDarianne Nicole MitchellBachelor of Science
BirminghamALJordan N. EnglishB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALDarianne Nicole MitchellBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALHaley N. JenkinsMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALAndrew Price BontempsMaster of Arts
BirminghamALDwight JinrightDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALJordan A. WatkinsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALPhilip B. BotesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALMary K. MooreMaster Business Administratn
BirminghamALDavid B. BowersB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALAustin C. FannMaster of Arts
BirminghamALPercival Hunter Faulconer IVB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BirminghamALGrayson L. JonesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALDavid H. BrennanB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BirminghamALGrace M. FindleyB.S. in Nursing
BirminghamALJordan ScrogginsMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALMatthew P. MyersB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALRyan Mark BroussardDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALVirginia W. SewellBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALDorsey Ann ShamblinB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALJames A. BrunoBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALJoel R. WilliamsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALJenna R. BrysonMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALJulie Ann KentB.S. in Nursing
BirminghamALLeeonna Sakia BuckhannonBachelor of Science
BirminghamALJasmine N. BurnsMaster of Arts
BirminghamALSidney V. Knight IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALJustin C. BurpoB.S. Metallurgical Engineering
BirminghamALBenjamin Banks Fulmer, Jr.B.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALOlivia Catherine ShullB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALAshley Delaine ButtsBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALArrie Michelle SimpsonMaster of Arts
BirminghamALNathan C. ByarsBachelor of Science
BirminghamALJames Nick Sissa, JrBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALLazette WrightMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALShelby Elizabeth CampbellBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALYu Jin KwonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALChelsea B. PageBachelor of Arts Communication
BirminghamALRoman A. PaolettiBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALLynn SmithMaster of Social Work
BirminghamALMcKenzie J. LandBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALSteven B. CarterDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALJoshua Patrick LawleyMaster Business Administratn
BirminghamALMorgan C. PaughB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALJose ChavezB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALKenya C. SpencerB.S. in Education
BirminghamALWilliam M. GreerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALRyan R. ChildersMaster of Accountancy
BirminghamALImani Y. PerryBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALJohnny Green StampsBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALLora Bloom HamB.S. in Nursing
BirminghamALJames Stockard IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALCaroline Lynn HanceMaster of Arts
BirminghamALRachel D. StovesBachelor of Science
BirminghamALHannah G. SuellB.S. in Nursing
BirminghamALBrandon H. ColemanMaster of Science
BirminghamALCandice HardyMaster Library Infor Studies
BirminghamALHarry Blitch PropesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BirminghamALAshlee Re'gene AllenMaster of Arts
BirminghamALErin Elizabeth HarneyMaster Library Infor Studies
BirminghamALMorgan J. CookeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALHeather Eidson AmmonsDoctor of Philosophy
BirminghamALParker A. HawkinsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BirminghamALParker A. HawkinsMaster of Science
BirminghamALAmica Faith Baquiran RapadasBachelor of Science
BirminghamALAmica Faith Baquiran RapadasBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALMary C. AndersonBachelor of Arts
BirminghamALPeyton M. ReedBachelor of Social Work
BoazALAlicia B. UnderwoodMaster of Science
BoazALRyan J. BeamMaster of Science
BoazALBranden D. SimsB.S. in Nursing
BoazALWilliam T. CamperB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BoazALAlexandria Hope HallmarkBachelor of Arts
BrewtonALBrande BrazileMaster of Social Work
BrewtonALDuncan Laine BrittainBachelor of Science
BrewtonALChanese ThomasB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BrookwoodALKenneth Joseph HammondsB.S. in Nursing
BryantALSarah T. BlakelyBachelor of Science
CamdenALRichmond GunterMaster of Laws
Camp HillALStephen C. MurchisonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CastleberryALHunter Ashton HanksBachelor of Arts
CentreALDena Lorene BoggsMaster of Social Work
CentrevilleALKimberly L. JohnsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ChelseaALAshley Michelle RettigBachelor of Arts
ChelseaALRyan James TraylorB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ChelseaALAnna-Michael LongshoreB.S. in Nursing
ChunchulaALJackeline D. McWhorterB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ChunchulaALBillie Michelle BrazealDoctor of Philosophy
ClevelandALZachary D. HoltB.S. in Civil Engineering
CokerALAngelia KimbrellB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CokerALRobin L. ParkerB.S. in Nursing
CokerALAbby L. SuttonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
CordovaALRyan GravleeB.S. in Education
CottondaleALKatie Marie SandlinMaster of Science
CottondaleALPorolifle Flores FullerBachelor of Arts
CottondaleALAlyson K. SmithBachelor of Arts
CottondaleALZachary F. LeeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CottondaleALChristopher W. AlbrightB.S. in Nursing
CottondaleALAlix B. ConnorMaster Business Administratn
CropwellALJared R. PopeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CrossvilleALPeyton J. KnopMaster of Arts
CrossvilleALAllison Nicole AnelloMaster of Accountancy
CubaALShundreka D. CroomMaster of Social Work
CullmanALAubrey Harris MooreMaster of Social Work
CullmanALCasey WinsettBachelor of Arts
CullmanALChadrick Del KnopB.S. in Nursing
CullmanALSpencer D. GreenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CullmanALAlexandra Lauren PettusB.S. in Nursing
CullmanALChristy PettusB.S. in Nursing
CullmanALJosephine Danielle HarringtonMaster Library Infor Studies
CullmanALBrandy Hart ManningB.S. in Nursing
DadevilleALAbby B. FlurryMaster of Social Work
DanvilleALMorgan C. KeenumBachelor of Arts
DaphneALGunner Christian RoachBachelor of Science
DaphneALTalis Benjamin BattleB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
DaphneALJan M. VoloveckyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DaphneALMohamed Mazheruddin Muniruddin MullaDoctor of Philosophy
DaphneALJohn F. Klosterman IVMaster of Fine Arts
DaphneALLogan M. GilmoreB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DaphneALEric August PetersonMaster of Arts
DaphneALGabriela Estelle GrossB.S. in Nursing
DaphneALJoseph Probert StassenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DaphneALJames Rhodes AlterB.S. in Nursing
DeatsvilleALZachary M. DavisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DeatsvilleALRichard A. BarnesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DeatsvilleALKaylan IngramMaster of Social Work
DecaturALAdam B. EngleB.S. in Civil Engineering
DecaturALMarilyn E. ScottB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DeltaALConnor W. CulverB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DemopolisALChristian Amira TroupeB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DemopolisALShanice M. GracieB.S. in Nursing
DemopolisALBrandon Nolan HayB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
DetroitALReagan Brooke TaylorB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DolomiteALMaggie L. HerronMaster of Public Health
DolomiteALAshley N. BurgeDoctor of Philosophy
DoraALAndrew M. BurkettM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
DothanALTamaric J. RegisterB.S. in Education
DothanALSusanne Alice Marie RomanB.S. in Nursing
DothanALLogan T. HuntB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DothanALCaroline M. WellsM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
DothanALKelsey C. SmothersB.S. in Nursing
DothanALDavidson R. GranberryB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DothanALJayde Lynn PopeMaster of Arts
DothanALAbigail C. ClossonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DothanALJoshua Craig AndrewsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Double SpringsALGina L. DoddEducational Specialist
Double SpringsALSavannah Lynn CrumleyBachelor of Science
DuncanvilleALSamuel Parker FarleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DuncanvilleALKaitlin Taylor YorkBachelor of Arts
DuttonALWhitney Claridy ClaytonMaster of Science in Nursing
EastabogaALDalton D. DunawayM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
ElbaALDustin N. OdomB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ElbertaALMelissa Ann ManningB.S. in Nursing
ElrodALBrandi M. HodoMaster Library Infor Studies
EmelleALKayla M. BellB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
EnterpriseALStephanie ThompsonMaster of Social Work
EnterpriseALMalia Ebony Kanani DavisBachelor of Arts Communication
EnterpriseALJoshua Hulon NewmanMaster Business Administratn
EnterpriseALJoshua Hulon NewmanM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
EutawALCasey Walker DunlapMaster of Science in Nursing
EvergreenALHaley E. NoblesMaster of Science in Nursing
FairhopeALMadeline F. McDuffB.S. in Nursing
FairhopeALParker David RoeBachelor of Arts
FairhopeALDavid N. EvesB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
FairhopeALAustin S. BurchB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FairhopeALAnn Bradford HansenM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
FairhopeALDavid Michael HardingMaster of Arts
FayetteALPeggy Prescott MehergEducational Specialist
FayetteALGrant Dwight EasonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FayetteALHannah F. OliverBachelor of Arts
Five PointsALAlessandra K. HullB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FlomatonALTristan H. PortwoodB.S. in Human Environmental Science
FlorenceALJames Hall ToddB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FlorenceALWinfred J. WatsonMaster of Tax Accounting
FlorenceALLauren E. PittEducational Specialist
FlorenceALStacy Amanda HarmonMaster Library Infor Studies
FlorenceALAbigail Leigh ReedB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
FoleyALMorgan A. SmithB.S. in Human Environmental Science
FoleyALDavid E. ChristopherMaster of Tax Accounting
Fort PayneALLori Michelle JacksonB.S. in Nursing
FostersALMahelene LanierB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Frisco CityALSydney S. MarinoB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Frisco CityALRenee Stinson WalkerMaster of Science in Nursing
Frisco CityALCarmen Moye HelmsMaster of Science in Nursing
FultondaleALChelsey Racheal DeloneyMaster of Science
FultondaleALChristina S. WilliamsonMaster of Arts
FultondaleALShakera LaShawn StanleyMaster Library Infor Studies
FurmanALNivory Gordon IIIM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
FyffeALLaura B. RicheyMaster of Social Work
GadsdenALJohn D. DawsonBachelor of Arts
GadsdenALRiley RogersB.S. in Nursing
GadsdenALRyan D. DowdyMaster of Tax Accounting
GadsdenALHannah K. BohannonBachelor of Arts
GadsdenALRebecca P. BrancheB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GadsdenALMorgan Elizabeth BrightB.S. in Nursing
GadsdenALMacy Elizabeth BryantBachelor of Arts Communication
GadsdenALAmber AmbersonB.S. in Nursing
GainesvilleALClayton King Speed, Jr.B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
GardendaleALLeonard Anthony Rose, Jr.Master of Science in Nursing
GardendaleALJulia Alexandria NealB.S. in Nursing
GardendaleALJessica BryantB.S. in Nursing
GilbertownALJhett C. NordanB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GilbertownALBradley ClarkB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
GordoALLance K. CarpenterMaster of Accountancy
GordoALDrew L. HankinsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GrandBayALAnida S. ViravongMaster Business Administratn
GrantALAbbi Chisholm RogersMaster of Social Work
GreenvilleALLani Faith D. KeeneyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gulf ShoresALTaylor N. TingleMaster of Tax Accounting
Gulf ShoresALChristina Nicole WhitehurstB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GuntersvilleALAnna K. YancyBachelor of Arts
GuntersvilleALMary McDowell Covington RainsMaster of Arts
GuntersvilleALKathryn V. AndersonM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
GuntersvilleALCaitlyn Sierra CroftBachelor of Arts
HaleyvilleALEthan R. MobleyB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
HancevilleALFalyn Celeste ColeMaster of Social Work
HancevilleALJessilynn L. LubertB.S. in Nursing
HartfordALJaycee Dorriety RolfB.S. in Nursing
HartfordALJoseph SandersB.S. in Nursing
HartselleALPaula Timm WadeB.S. in Nursing
HartselleALLindsey Rae WoodruffMaster of Arts
HartselleALJudson C. Pheny IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HartselleALTimothy A. SteinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HartselleALMolly LooneyB.S. in Nursing
HarvestALMichelle E. BrimeyerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
HarvestALTiffani Nicole SmithMaster of Social Work
HarvestALAndrew K. StewartB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HarvestALDalton Thomas AndersonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HaydenALAmelia Rene' JohnsonB.S. in Nursing
HeadlandALElizabeth A. JonesB.S. in Nursing
HeflinALAbby P. ClarkDoctor of Philosophy
HelenaALOlivia Bri LauderdaleB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HelenaALJudson Scott ColburnMaster of Science in Nursing
HelenaALKristen D. LushingtonDoctor of Philosophy
HortonALBrooklyn M. BrothersB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALSarah C. TomlinBachelor of Arts Communication
HuntsvilleALWilliam Owen RobersonMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
HuntsvilleALJoseph Matthew DickinsonBachelor of Arts
HuntsvilleALErin BarshingerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
HuntsvilleALChelsey L. BigoneyB.S. in Education
HuntsvilleALSamuel M. SalvoB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALMacey A. JohnsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
HuntsvilleALSarah E. MoshierB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
HuntsvilleALSarah D. FieldsMaster of Arts
HuntsvilleALOlivia Grace KeaslingBachelor of Arts Communication
HuntsvilleALKhalil D. NormanBachelor of Arts
HuntsvilleALAshley Marie YoungMaster of Fine Arts
HuntsvilleALBlake A. SmithB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALFrederick G. LankfordB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALBriana L. GrahamBachelor of Arts
HuntsvilleALDecember GuzzoMaster of Social Work
HuntsvilleALRacquel G. PutzierB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALStephanie TateB.S. in Nursing
HuntsvilleALJames Warren MaddoxMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
HuntsvilleALThomas Putnam AndersonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HuntsvilleALGlenn D. ManningMaster of Arts
JacksonALAnna K. BolenB.S. in Education
JasperALRebecca Southern RigsbyMaster of Social Work
JasperALNathan E. SandersMaster of Tax Accounting
JasperALJames Landon WestBachelor of Science
JasperALRichard Anthony SellersMaster of Arts
JasperALBenjimin Kyle AaronB.S. in Computer Science
JasperALBrittany L. ManascoMaster of Social Work
JemisonALSean A. JohnsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LanettALSelbie Clinton Bradley IIIB.S. in Nursing
LanettALQuintavious Martanez ReaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LeedsALAddison KempB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LeedsALWilliam Lamar HeathDoctor of Philosophy
LetohatcheeALDemarcus A. JacksonB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
LevelPlainsALDylan M. SandersBachelor of Arts
LexingtonALCameron E. RidgewayBachelor of Arts
LincolnALJoseph Bowen GissendanerBachelor of Arts
LindenALJeffery J. Stacy, Jr.Bachelor of Science
LinevilleALVeronica Teaenna AcklesBachelor of Arts
LivingstonALAnna L. EzellBachelor of Arts
LivingstonALJennifer H. HarwellDoctor of Education
LoxleyALCharlotte Denise PeeleMaster of Science in Nursing
LuverneALKasi Marie JordanB.S. in Nursing
MadisonALCallie T. MartinB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
MadisonALMichael K. Bernier, Jr.B.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MadisonALEmilie Elyse SchulzeMaster of Social Work
MadisonALTravis Allen WestB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MadisonALElliott Richard WhiteBachelor of Arts
MadisonALJalen L. KellyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MadisonALJosephine A. ShiversBachelor of Arts
MadisonALCarmon LeAnn GallimoreMaster of Arts
MadisonALBrenda D. SkinnerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MadisonALGregory Lee ZelinskyMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
MadisonALAbbey Leigh PayneB.S. in Education
MadisonALTyriek L. CheathamB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MadisonALVeronica E. HartleyBachelor of Science
MadisonALSarah A. HawkinsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MarionALKarrigan A. TurnerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MarionALKarina A. LewisMaster of Social Work
MayleneALVirginia Ann LamoureuxMaster of Arts
MayleneALKristalyn Meshea LeeDoctor of Education
MayleneALBrett R. HammeBachelor of Arts Communication
McCallaALSela K. McDonaldBachelor of Science
McCallaALRyan L. OrtonBachelor of Arts
McCallaALRobert D. Slaughter, Jr.B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
McIntoshALMarquia JamesMaster of Social Work
MeridianvilleALRoss M. ThompsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Midland CityALRobert J. MathewsM.S. in Electrical Engineering
MillbrookALJoyce Denise Loyd-DavisDoctor of Nursing Practice
MobileALAngelo James AntoneB.S. in Chemical Engineering
MobileALRandi L. ArendallB.S. in Nursing
MobileALChristopher E. AutryB.S. in Education
MobileALJessica DavisMaster of Social Work
MobileALBrian T. DeboiM.S. in Electrical Engineering
MobileALCharles Oren Hon, VMaster Business Administratn
MobileALElizabeth Camille BarnettB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MobileALLydia M. DuffyMaster of Social Work
MobileALPatrick J. VolnoffB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MobileALBreland G. MeadorB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MobileALThong Hoang DuongMaster of Arts
MobileALCheryl Ordiz MillingB.S. in Nursing
MobileALAnnie Hunter JonesDoctor of Philosophy
MobileALJohn L. White, Jr.B.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MobileALLaura Katherine FisherB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MobileALStephen C. ShawBachelor of Arts
MobileALRoy Michael Kennedy, JrB.S. in Education
MobileALPatrick Daniel NilandM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MobileALSamantha Lauren KraverMaster Business Administratn
MobileALAllen Hunter Ladd, JrB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MobileALDwight LambertBachelor of Science
MobileALLauren M. ZechaB.S. in Education
MobileALLauren Michelle CaveM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MobileALTaLacey StallworthB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MobileALAnthony Hunter AbdoBachelor of Arts
MobileALKristina E. PolizziMaster Library Infor Studies
MobileALFalah F F F B AlajmiB.S. in Chemical Engineering
MobileALKyle C. Pugh, Jr.B.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MontevalloALKimberly Jacques McDadeMaster Library Infor Studies
MontevalloALCarolina MunozB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MontgomeryALBailey A. DavisBachelor of Arts Communication
MontgomeryALEmma K. MatthewsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MontgomeryALLoden Brock TruloveB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MontgomeryALGeorge Ronald Barnes, JrMaster of Science in Nursing
MontgomeryALMiranda Alexis MellosB.S. in Nursing
MontgomeryALVictoria A. WalkerB.S. in Education
MontgomeryALDana Michelle EvansDoctor of Philosophy
MontgomeryALBrittany L. EvansBachelor of Arts Communication
MontgomeryALJawanna Mon'ae EvansMaster of Social Work
MontgomeryALKeely N. WebsterBachelor of Science
MontgomeryALSukjoon KangB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
MontgomeryALRyan Givel WhitlowBachelor of Science
MontgomeryALWilliam Alton Newman IVB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MontgomeryALMichael Conner NicholsonDoctor of Philosophy
MontgomeryALCharles E. Shipman IIB.S. in Computer Science
MontgomeryALCassandra Maria KnightMaster of Social Work
MontgomeryALCaitlin M. SimontonMaster Library Infor Studies
MontgomeryALRichard Michael PhaturosB.S. in Education
MontgomeryALApril Fraser Pierre-LouisB.S. in Nursing
MontgomeryALJohn N. Albritton IVM.S. in Civil Engineering
MontgomeryALJohn N. Albritton IVMaster Business Administratn
MontgomeryALNathanael J. ConteM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
MontgomeryALNathanael J. ConteMaster Business Administratn
MontgomeryALJohn A. Teague IIBachelor of Arts Communication
MontgomeryALWilliam Coleman TerryB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MoodyALMeghan C. BurfordB.S. in Nursing
MoundvilleALChristopher K. SellersB.S. in Education
MoundvilleALRachael N. ClayB.S. in Nursing
MountOliveALCiara B. EdwardsB.S. in Education
MountOliveALBrittany N. PelfreyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Muscle ShoalsALKenri L. HowellB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Muscle ShoalsALLucy A. BerrymanMaster of Arts
Muscle ShoalsALAustin Layne WoodardB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Muscle ShoalsALLucas Robert YordyMaster Business Administratn
Muscle ShoalsALPaige M. PriceB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Muscle ShoalsALIlham K. AliB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
NewtonALMargaret L. BrownBachelor of Arts Communication
NorthportALKerri HeritageB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NorthportALKelsy Renee MarlerB.S. in Nursing
NorthportALJoseph Patrick DaidoneB.S. in Civil Engineering
NorthportALSandra P. Martinez FrancoDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALMarcus A. HillB.S. in Education
NorthportALStephanie Leigh TomesMaster of Arts
NorthportALKayla L. HintonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALSarah Marie RichardsBachelor of Arts
NorthportALAmira I. TotahBachelor of Arts Communication
NorthportALAlexander L. RicheyBachelor of Arts
NorthportALLeah Marie Travis TaylorMaster of Science
NorthportALStewart S. BakerMaster of Accountancy
NorthportALQuentin R. MaynardDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALTimothy Adam HomanDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALValerie D. TurbervilleBachelor of Science
NorthportALJeremy D. HudsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALRaven McKenzieMaster of Arts
NorthportALTerry L. HughstonDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALVictoria Lynn BedsoleMaster of Arts
NorthportALMaggie Cheyenne MillerM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NorthportALRachel Kristin EllisonM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NorthportALVanessa Lashette JeffersonMaster of Arts
NorthportALCaleb R. MontgomeryB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALDaniel Ray SanfordMaster of Arts
NorthportALCasey Leigh SchmittM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NorthportALCameron D. WestB.S. in Education
NorthportALJustin W. FisherMaster of Laws
NorthportALMerrill Thagard FlowersMaster of Social Work
NorthportALJoshua Ellsworth KelleyM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NorthportALKimberly Ann BuckB.S. in Nursing
NorthportALJames E. ShelanderB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALKelsey Maria WilliamsB.S. in Nursing
NorthportALJonathan T. ShepardB.S. in Civil Engineering
NorthportALAlyssa J. BushBachelor of Science
NorthportALKathleen P. O'NealBachelor of Arts
NorthportALJessica L. BynumB.S. in Chemical Engineering
NorthportALMegan Jones SimsM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NorthportALSpencer CaldwellMaster of Science
NorthportALTammy Jean ParrettMaster of Arts
NorthportALJustin Steven CaseB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
NorthportALHilary Keene SpadoniMaster of Science in Nursing
NorthportALKimberly Michelle LewisB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NorthportALAshlyn L. PerkinsBachelor of Science
NorthportALJaimie M. ChoiMaster of Arts
NorthportALJustin M. GuyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALJordan L. ClayB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NorthportALConnor B. LongBachelor of Science
NorthportALGiovani Lopez LopezDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALBrianna Lauren CokerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NorthportALSusan S. PowellMaster of Science in Nursing
NorthportALTabitha Patricia SutchDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALYang LuDoctor of Philosophy
NorthportALPayton AllenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALRachel Lambert QueenMaster of Science in Nursing
NorthportALHope E. HartsfieldB.S. in Nursing
NorthportALSamuel W. CrawfordB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALCatarino Maldonado MartinezB.S. in Electrical Engineering
NorthportALKayleigh S. ReavesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthportALTyler Graham ThomasBachelor of Arts
NorthportALKaleigh R. HeatonMaster of Arts
NorthportALCrystal Garner HendersonDoctor of Education
OdenvilleALCourtney Nicole BrownB.S. in Human Environmental Science
OdenvilleALBrandon Travis TaylorEducational Specialist
Orange BeachALAdrianna Haley WallaceBachelor of Arts Communication
Orange BeachALMary W. ReedBachelor of Arts Communication
OwensCrossRoadsALGabrielle Nicole RodgersB.S. in Human Environmental Science
OwensCrossRoadsALAndrew D. LeakB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
OwensCrossRoadsALNathan Hayes LudwigB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ParrishALCason L. KeyBachelor of Arts
PelhamALJessie J. HumphriesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
PelhamALEmily Elizabeth MillerB.S. in Nursing
PelhamALJoshua A. BrasherB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
PelhamALMisty Nicole JonesMaster of Social Work
PelhamALCooper J. ParkerMaster of Science
Pell CityALMatthew H. TremlettB.S. in Education
Pell CityALRolanda T. TurnerBachelor of Science
Pell CityALMarti Le'Anne RoddaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Pell CityALTiffany L. GalleglyMaster of Social Work
Phenix CityALJennifer Rebecca HowardB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Phenix CityALGregory Wayne WardMaster of Arts
Phenix CityALMeltrish La'sha SandersBachelor of Arts
Phenix CityALVincent L. WigginsB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Phenix CityALKelsay N. LockhartBachelor of Arts
Pike RoadALAlexandra Elizabeth HoffmannBachelor of Arts Communication
Pike RoadALCarrie YatesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Pike RoadALBradi M. LewisMaster of Arts
Pike RoadALMary H. TerryB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PinsonALTyler HigginbothamBachelor of Science
PinsonALChristian C. WilsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PointClearALSarah M. LewisBachelor of Science
PrattvilleALChelsea B. VincentB.S. in Nursing
PrattvilleALKeara Marie IshmanB.S. in Nursing
PrattvilleALGraydon J. RustMaster Library Infor Studies
PrattvilleALPatrick J. MotleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PrattvilleALBrandon Ladon PerdueB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PrattvilleALMichael Joseph AhernB.S. in Computer Science
PrattvilleALRebecca Stephens LollarMaster Library Infor Studies
PrattvilleALKatrina A. HardenBachelor of Arts
RaglandALBrenna Potash CarlisleM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Rainbow CityALRachel NealMaster of Arts
RalphALRebekah C. WombleBachelor of Arts
ReformALAmelia DeWitt TulipanB.S. in Civil Engineering
RoanokeALAlma Latasha HoustonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
RobertsdaleALCole S. WoodsB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
SatsumaALAnna E. GerhardtB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ScottsboroALPayton G. DuncanBachelor of Arts
ScottsboroALJessica LaKeisha LightBachelor of Social Work
SelmaALAlexis S. CunninghamB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SelmaALJohn E. Robertson IIIB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SemmesALRebecca Marcelle MusgroveB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SemmesALAdrienne Westbrook PurifoyB.S. in Nursing
SheffieldALTucker R. SigleB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SilverhillALLauren A. ThomasBachelor of Arts Communication
SlocombALBrittney N. GodwinB.S. in Education
Smiths StationALRomei J. GilmoreB.S. in Education
Smiths StationALMaya J. PittsBachelor of Arts
SomervilleALJacob Bradley WoodB.S. in Education
Spanish FortALStephanie Booker RidgewayB.S. in Nursing
Spanish FortALBlake Christopher RutledgeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Spanish FortALNicole Elizabeth NunezM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Spanish FortALJoseph J. TapiaMaster of Tax Accounting
SpringvilleALKristen E. JonesBachelor of Arts
SpringvilleALCharlotte F. AllenBachelor of Arts Communication
StapletonALBryan A. WigginsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SterrettALJamie R. EppersonMaster of Social Work
SummerdaleALTaylor Alexis BakerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SummerdaleALKristy L. BeardB.S. in Nursing
SylacaugaALElijah Todd SandersB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SylacaugaALLauren A. BrasherB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ThomasvilleALBriana R. JacksonBachelor of Science
TrinityALWilliam Justin MorganDoctor of Philosophy
TrinityALCasey R. StandridgeMaster of Tax Accounting
TroyALEthan A. MontgomeryBachelor of Arts
TroyALShamerra Ajoy CarterMaster of Social Work
TroyALDiamond D. PickettB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TrussvilleALPatrick C. DavisB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TRUSSVILLEALTeresa Croom BivensMaster of Arts
TrussvilleALKevin H. MillerMaster of Arts
TrussvilleALSteven Kyle MosleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TrussvilleALSarah R. FrazierB.S. in Nursing
TrussvilleALJohn M. Caraway IIIB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TrussvilleALJoshua Edward ParkerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TrussvilleALJimmy Wayne QuickM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TrussvilleALAaron K. CoxMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALEthan James ReidB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALPaul Daniel ThompsonM.S. in Criminal Justice
TuscaloosaALTyler Austin ReitengaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALAustin Hunter ThreadgillDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALHayden Ross DaggettB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALJacob Donald MartinBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALElizabeth M. RhinehartMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALClaudia Beatriz Martinez ReyesDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALJodd Vincent Bailey DanielsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALChineda Lasha HillDoctor of Education
TuscaloosaALDanilo Vincenzo TolussoDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALCollin James DarwishBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALAlexis D. RhodesBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALLillith Helena MatakaetisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALJulianna M. BabinB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALJessica Kelley TownsendBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALAlicia R. DavisMaster Public Administration
TuscaloosaALZachary M. TravisM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALMark Stephen MayfieldMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALRailey Isabella BakerM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALAlexander Davidson MayhewMaster of Music
TuscaloosaALChristian Taylor HoltBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALIndia S. McCantsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALAnna K. TuckerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALLeron D. McClainB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALAmelia Espino Delos ReyesDoctor of Education
TuscaloosaALAndrew Nicholas RobertsonMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALMary Ellen McCollM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALHannah Rose McConveryBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALIda Denise RobinsonDoctor of Nursing Practice
TuscaloosaALOlivia Paige RobinsonDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALDeja C. RobinsonMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALLyndell T. McDonaldMaster of Fine Arts
TuscaloosaALTatyana P. DobayB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALNilsamarie RodriguezBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALKyle W. BayleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALKateland Nichole McIntyreB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALMonica D. HutchesonBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALJames Isaac BennstromB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALJaden Ashley RountreeB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALAbbey Taylor WachsBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALPeter Sverre BergeMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALKatheryn Deni MeadowsMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALMasudul Haider ImtiazDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALMegan Anna WagnerMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALParriss N. BettisBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALBrett J. DusekB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALCarleigh A. IrbyBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALMelanie Jesse Shalaine WakefieldB.S. in Chemical Engineering
TuscaloosaALAaliyah WalkerBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALHannah Rose IsmertBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALAlethia SanTosha RussellMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALVictoria Nicole IvyDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALLaurel B. MerbaumBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALTawana EdwardsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALFriederich Justin EkstroemBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALTerrance L. RutledgeBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALSamuel L. RyalsMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALJason JacksonDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALRyan SabbaghBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALStephen D. BockmanBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALWilliam Hampton MillsBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALDaniel G. EmersonDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALKourtney Rose JakubowskiBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALHyrum Nathanael SalmonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALWilliam Kavin Ward, JrBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALNicholas A. BomarBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALMacey Lauren BoothB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALJohn Alexander WatsonB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALMitchell R. JohnsonB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALKarleigh M. JohnsonB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALDevin A. BowensBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALEmily A. JohnsonBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALNishani Poorna MoragodaMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALMika D. SawyerM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALAshton N. WebsterBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALLaBethany Octavia Feagins-MarshallBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALAnn Marie BrakefieldB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALPierre Alexandra JohnsonBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALRebecca C. WeldonBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALJessica Lynn WellsM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALJustin A. MorrowB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALChristopher D. JonesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALKarley Nicole FernandezMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALEthan Charles FeytB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALKimberly McCay ScottM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALDaniel Bridi ValentimM.S. in Civil Engineering
TuscaloosaALBodiuzzaman JonyMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
TuscaloosaALHolly Elizabeth JulifsBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALShambhu K CMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALWilliam Porcher MurrayDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALMikko S. KarkkainenDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALChristopher B. BrooksB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALMichael Gage FloydB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALAlexandra F. NancarrowDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALSimone E. FloydBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALSilas BrownDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALLaura Lee WilhiteB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALKatelyn B. NelsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALCaleb G. NewbyBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALCheryl WilliamsMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALCameron D. NewtonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALOkeen Omar WilliamsB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALAshley Paige KerlinB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALHuan Anh NguyenMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALUlrike Christine FranzMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALLaine Elizabeth SheltonM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALSujan BudhathokiMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALLaine Elizabeth SheltonMaster Business Administratn
TuscaloosaALGilbert Kipkemei Kigen, JrKenyaBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALLindsey A. SherrillDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALBumsoo KimDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALZeyuan ShiB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALGabrielle A. WillisM.S. in Civil Engineering
TuscaloosaALLajuarren BurksB.S. in Education
TuscaloosaALChristopher S. KirbyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALRosemary F. KleinM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALLita Marissa ShiveMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALRonica R. FullerMaster of Social Work
TuscaloosaALJohn Taylor GambleB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALNicole Catherine WootenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALJian GaoMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALJessica Anne KowalskiDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALKevin Pierce WrightMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALRobert Tyler CalderwoodMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALRobert Tyler CalderwoodB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALPaeton A. GaspardB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALDelia Ann OzmentB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALToni Le SmithBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALLarry Gene CanadaMaster of Laws
TuscaloosaALShike YangB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALJasmine S. ParkerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALMadeline Nicole LangcusterB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALMadeline Nicole LangcusterMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALKatey E. ParkerMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALJonathan A. LanierBachelor of Fine Arts
TuscaloosaALNicholas Korda CarneyMaster of Social Work
TuscaloosaALMarla E. ParksB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALMeredith A. ParrM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TuscaloosaALHaley Dunson SniderB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALRyan E. LavoieMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALMichael Harrison SolomonDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALJennifer Monique PasteurB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALXiaochuan SongDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALJames Stephen Patterson IVBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALDailyn J. PattonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TuscaloosaALHadley Elizabeth SpadacciniBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALAnna Kacey LeeB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALHadley Elizabeth SpadacciniBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALKimberly Carol Granda AndersonDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALAustin Martin SpauldingB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALMiranda L. LessnerBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALMatthew A. GreenB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALRebecca Wai Chee LeungDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALRebecca L. GriesbachBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALKinsey M. StanleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALDaniel Curtis StanleyMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALJin Yu LinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALAriel N. ClarkB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALTao LiuDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALPaige D. HallBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALKarianna Lynn PlumB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALNoryetta J. HallMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALMolly M. LockartDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALAmanda L. StewartBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALJenna Maryann HallBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALAshok PokhrelMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALJala S. LockhartMaster of Public Health
TuscaloosaALShamar Levaughn StewartMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALShamar Levaughn StewartDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALPayton E. HambyB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALMohammad J M A M AlabdulhadiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALBader SH N O H AlajmiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALTori Michelle StoneDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALFahad M Q H S KH AlajmiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALAbdulrahman Saleh M AlaliB.S. in Chemical Engineering
TuscaloosaALAnna C. PorterMaster of Tax Accounting
TuscaloosaALHasan A S A S KH AlbahraniKuwaitB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALColin HancockMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALAubrey L. LoriaMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALJared Shahrouz LotfiBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALCaitlyn Alexandria ColeBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALYang SunChinaDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALAbdullah Mohammed S AlgareaB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALErik Roland HansonMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALVictoria Price HardinBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALBrighton L. CollinsMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALHadi A S H D AlmarriB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALYan LuoMaster of Social Work
TuscaloosaALYousef Matar A AlmarshdiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALHamad Owaidh M AlmuhathilB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALJarrah KH B H F AlmutairiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALBlake M. HarrisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALMohammad M KH E AlmutairiB.S. in Chemical Engineering
TuscaloosaALKeldreck ConwellBachelor of Arts Communication
TuscaloosaALRylleigh P. HarstadMaster of Arts
TuscaloosaALYanxiao MaDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALAbdulaziz IbrahiM.S. AlsaadB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALJustine Ann MacfarlaneBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALAdel M M J A AlthaidiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
TuscaloosaALMorgan Tatum CordleMaster of Science
TuscaloosaALLeightyn Elisabeth CosseyMaster of Tax Accounting
TuscaloosaALJohn Travis RailsbackDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALPatrick R. RaineyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALCedrina N. RandolphBachelor of Science
TuscaloosaALSurakshya ThapaM.S. in Chemistry
TuscaloosaALElizabeth Richardson HearnDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALJason Brian ThomasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscaloosaALSylvia S. ThomasB.S. in Nursing
TuscaloosaALChelsey Hunt HenthornBachelor of Arts
TuscaloosaALQian MaoDoctor of Philosophy
TuscaloosaALJada M. ThomasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TuscumbiaALChelsea K. MoonMaster of Arts
TuscumbiaALLeiah Danielle KimbroughB.S. in Nursing
TuskegeeALTamyiah R. TynerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
UnionGroveALAmy Richards ThorntonMaster of Science
UniontownALKalen S. EarlyBachelor of Arts
VanceALDanielle Alisa BoydBachelor of Arts
VerbenaALBailey M. McClendonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
VinemontALAlexander J. WashburnBachelor of Arts Communication
WeaverALLeesa Dyan HughesMaster of Arts
West BloctonALDavid J. MartinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
WetumpkaALKerri Alexis NewtonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
WetumpkaALMichael SimpkinsMaster of Arts
WilsonvilleALZachary H. ScottB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
WilsonvilleALKaren D. GrayBachelor of Science
WinfieldALJessica Edwana WarrenMaster Library Infor Studies
WinfieldALWesley H. CrewBachelor of Arts
WoodstockALEmily Grace BushB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ConwayARMichael D. SmithMaster of Laws
JonesboroARJimmy Ray ChambersBachelor of Arts
Little RockARMorgan L. TracyBachelor of Science
Little RockARConnor Thomas AdamsBachelor of Science
West ForkARKasha PinkertonMaster of Science in Nursing
ChandlerAZMadison Delaney SmithBachelor of Science
ChandlerAZElizabeth Chelsey MadisonBachelor of Science
PhoenixAZLauren E. LamertonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
VailAZGabrielle T. ShortMaster of Arts
BakersfieldCAAndrew David WilburB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CalexicoCAJuan Carlos GomezB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Carmel By The SeaCAAndrew AntognoliB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CarmichaelCAJacqueline Rae JurekB.S. in Human Environmental Science
FoothillRanchCACole Thomas AnselmoB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Forest FallsCAJeffrey Allan MooreMaster of Arts
GilroyCAKatie Lynn GuardinoBachelor of Arts
HealdsburgCAVictoria A. DoveBachelor of Arts Communication
HerculesCARebecca GuzmanB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LaCanada FlintridgeCAMitchell W. Huyck-TroutB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LoomisCAJoshua Kawika SedenoBachelor of Arts Communication
Los AngelesCAChana Rochel BlauB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MalibuCAAmellia A. ArmstrongB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MercedCAConnor D. GarciaBachelor of Arts
MontereyCACassandra Rose CuratoloM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MoorparkCALeigh-Anne HoughtonBachelor of Arts
NapaCAClaire Marie BindewaldBachelor of Science
NewhallCAJuliette J. EdwardsBachelor of Arts Communication
OrangeCABrooke Deanne HuttoBachelor of Arts Communication
OxnardCAWilliam Sanford Harrison IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PetalumaCADominic Christian DeVilleM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Rancho CucamongaCAPeng ShangDoctor of Philosophy
Redwood CityCAKian Jonathan Covelli IngwellB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
RosevilleCAAustin VelardeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SacramentoCAJason Michael HetzlerMaster of Arts
San DiegoCAJeffrey Keith BurneyDoctor of Nursing Practice
San DiegoCAAlexandra Rose StevensonB.S. in Education
San JoseCAFiona Marie CantandoB.S. in Human Environmental Science
San JoseCAKevin B. HaggertyBachelor of Science
San RamonCASarah E. HooseBachelor of Science
SantaClaritaCARoss SpauldingMaster of Arts
Simi ValleyCAJessica M. StaffordBachelor of Arts
Sun CityCAElizabeth J. RollinsBachelor of Arts
TemeculaCATyler Elizabeth MathewsMaster Business Administratn
TemeculaCAMelissa Kathleen CallahanMaster of Science in Nursing
TustinCANicole Alexandra FalboBachelor of Arts
BoulderCOLeete Tietjen SkinnerB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BreckenridgeCOMelissa Faith SchultzMaster Library Infor Studies
ColoradoSpringsCOClaire A. MoellerMaster of Arts
ErieCOAlyson Kate BoettgerB.S. in Education
LittletonCOBlair D. BatkyMaster of Arts
LittletonCOJared Michael KelleherB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LittletonCORiggs M. WinzB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LittletonCOGeorgia C. GallagherBachelor of Arts
LittletonCOSeide Madelaine CimburaBachelor of Science
PineCOGretchen Ivy FranzMaster Business Administratn
Steamboat SpringsCOKendall Elizabeth VogtBachelor of Arts
Cos CobCTChristopher FischerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
EastonCTBrendan M. RotondiB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FarmingtonCTJohn T. McLaughlinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GreenwichCTJason Hipolito CapozzaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MilfordCTKaitlyn VieiraB.S. in Human Environmental Science
New FairfieldCTLawrence Quartaro IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NewtownCTAlexa G. SummerlinBachelor of Arts Communication
TrumbullCTCourtlyn E. SecoyBachelor of Arts
WashingtonDCCharles Edward ShervinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BearDEVincent A. ManettiB.S. in Education
Boca RatonFLAmy Oppenheimer AnMaster Library Infor Studies
Boynton BeachFLMichael DemesBachelor of Science
BradentonFLTrevor J. GroomsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Bradenton BeachFLTimothy William GreeneB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BrandonFLCourtney Elizabeth HessonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Fernandina BeachFLKathryn Posey BryantB.S. in Nursing
Fort LauderdaleFLMadison Elizabeth SheardBachelor of Arts Communication
Fort LauderdaleFLCarlos Aaron GarciaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Fort LauderdaleFLKrystal Joyce SparlingB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GainesvilleFLRabin MahatNepalMaster of Science
GrandRidgeFLChelsea BakerB.S. in Nursing
Gulf BreezeFLOlivia Marie WarrenMaster of Science
Gulf BreezeFLHannah Christine WatsonBachelor of Arts
HialeahFLObiageli Ijeoma OkekeDoctor of Nursing Practice
HollywoodFLMuskan PeeraniB.S. in Human Environmental Science
HomesteadFLCarolyn W. SmithDoctor of Nursing Practice
JacksonvilleFLKatherine Bentley ForresterBachelor of Arts Communication
JacksonvilleFLRyan Edward PartainBachelor of Science
JacksonvilleFLNancy Elanore PhillipsDoctor of Nursing Practice
JupiterFLHunter William LaBanzB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LakelandFLAlicia Mae HessamiB.S. in Nursing
LakelandFLLeslie Catherine WoodMaster of Science in Nursing
LithiaFLPatrick Joseph Reilly IIIMaster of Science
LithiaFLPatrick Joseph Reilly IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LithiaFLJennifer Elizabeth RodriguezM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
LongwoodFLLoryn Elisabeth AstleMaster of Science in Nursing
LoxahatcheeFLAudrie Nicole AnthonyM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MiamiFLTaylor A. BeceiroB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MiamiFLShannon Ivey MorgenMaster of Science in Nursing
MiamiFLJoseph Anthony FigueredoB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MiamiFLLauren Nicole SerigMaster of Arts
MiamiFLJessica L. WinklerB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
MiamiFLSophia Rosa O'DellBachelor of Arts Communication
MiamiFLTatiana GandolffMaster of Arts
MiamiFLChristian Ronny SirvasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MiamiFLChristian Edward LopezB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MiamiFLRaymond J. Rafool IIIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MiamiBeachFLAnneliese GaleanoB.S. in Nursing
MiltonFLNancy E. CreamerB.S. in Nursing
NaplesFLSavannah Lee KingMaster of Arts
NaplesFLGeoffrey William StearnsB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NavarreFLKenneth Dean Marvin NoelM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
NicevilleFLThomas Keith OliverMaster of Science in Nursing
Orange ParkFLAminda Joy JakobM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Orange ParkFLRichard Kinkaid WilliamsonBachelor of Social Work
OrlandoFLWilliam Wesley RhodenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
OrlandoFLDaniel Noah SchweringB.S. in Human Environmental Science
OrlandoFLEmmanuel CarreraBachelor of Arts
OrlandoFLChaya Hobson SpringerMaster of Arts
OrlandoFLClaire R. StantonBachelor of Science
OrlandoFLMitchell Chase LovelandBachelor of Arts
OrlandoFLConnor Quinn AnielloB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ormond BeachFLAlexander David WebbBachelor of Arts
Ormond BeachFLHayley ReevesBachelor of Arts
Palm CityFLMarlo Adriana MikulskiB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Palm HarborFLKayla MoutonB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
PensacolaFLTierra C. WardMaster Library Infor Studies
PensacolaFLSusan PeabodyBachelor of Arts
PensacolaFLMichael Arthur LoganMaster of Arts
Pompano BeachFLRacine RomeoB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SaintAugustineFLNicole Alexandra MahinB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SaintCloudFLLiz Maren OrtizMaster of Arts
SaintJamesCityFLMatthew Carter RozelleB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SaintPetersburgFLVictoria L. HolmesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SaintPetersburgFLPaul E. SabadishBachelor of Arts Communication
San AntonioFLKaitlyn M. LineberryMaster Business Administratn
SeminoleFLMorgan Ann MegnaBachelor of Arts Communication
Sun CityCenterFLJames Edward BigginsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TallahasseeFLCheyenne N. AutryMaster of Arts
TallahasseeFLKyra Victoria MiltonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TallahasseeFLCarol Frances ShawBachelor of Arts
TallahasseeFLThomas James LiscioB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TampaFLCaitlin M. BauerBachelor of Arts
TampaFLCalia Arglod MoraisDoctor of Philosophy
TampaFLErin O'Connor-BellM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TampaFLDrew Cahill AhernM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TampaFLCourtney Sylvia LynchBachelor of Arts
ValricoFLAizya AliB.S. in Human Environmental Science
West Palm BeachFLOliver Jackson RowlesBachelor of Arts
WindermereFLJordan A. LewisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Winter GardenFLCourtney Lynn DaigleBachelor of Arts
AcworthGACaroline R. WhiteB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AlpharettaGAMecca BrewerBachelor of Arts
AlpharettaGASwati PatilB.S. in Nursing
AlpharettaGAParisa Nicole PoorakMaster of Arts
AlpharettaGAGrant Thomas AnderskowB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AthensGAWilliam T. CunninghamB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AthensGAJames Lewis Clarke, JrB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AtlantaGANicole NeustadtBachelor of Arts
AtlantaGAMax FrancoBachelor of Arts
AtlantaGAJames Bradford SimmelB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AtlantaGAGeorge Riley GearyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AtlantaGAWanda Rogler GibbonsDoctor of Nursing Practice
AtlantaGARacquel B. SparksBachelor of Science
AtlantaGAHannah E. ChristopherBachelor of Fine Arts
AtlantaGACarol Anne ClarkMaster of Social Work
AtlantaGAMartha Caroline PopeBachelor of Arts
AtlantaGAJustin Henry CowartBachelor of Arts Communication
AtlantaGAConnor Cregan AndertonBachelor of Arts Communication
AtlantaGACorinne Janette ThomasMaster of Tax Accounting
AuburnGAJason Daniel MannB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
BuchananGAAdam Trey PullenMaster of Arts
CantonGAMichael SuitB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CataulaGATaylor C. LedfordM.S. in Marine Science
ColumbusGAAdam W. AbramsB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ColumbusGAThomas Leonard StickleyMaster Library Infor Studies
ColumbusGAZachary A. ColeMaster of Arts
ConyersGAAlexia C. LewisBachelor of Science
CovingtonGARonnesha R. RobinsonMaster of Social Work
CovingtonGADemi K. HammondMaster of Arts
CummingGAHarold William FoyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
CummingGACristina E. WingBachelor of Science
CummingGANormandy YaegerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CummingGAAveri G. LewisB.S. in Education
CummingGAAveri G. LewisBachelor of Arts
DecaturGACaroline Coker CourseyMaster of Arts
DouglasvilleGAJanacee Alexis ThomasB.S. in Education
DuluthGAJackson P. MorganBachelor of Arts Communication
FayettevilleGAMariah Marche BlanksBachelor of Science
Flowery BranchGAErin WagesMaster Library Infor Studies
GrovetownGAJessica L. ThreattB.S. in Education
GrovetownGABethany Christiane ScottB.S. in Education
HephzibahGAKiara Sharice FrailsMaster of Social Work
HinesvilleGALaurence Christopher MoodyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
KennesawGAMichael K. AdamsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LagrangeGAZachary Nolan ClayB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LawrencevilleGAAmin SaganiB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LawrencevilleGATaylor Arnell GillespieB.S. in Education
LawrencevilleGAShaoan LiB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LithoniaGASharonda MalcomeMaster of Arts
LoganvilleGAValencia Lavon WeaverDoctor of Nursing Practice
MabletonGAKayndise Cierra LeeMaster of Science in Nursing
MaconGANathaniel Martin CarterB.S. in Geology
MaconGABrendon T. CoatsBachelor of Science
MariettaGALauren Patricia HribBachelor of Science
MariettaGAJessica Helene BowenMaster of Arts
MariettaGAErnest James Sellers, JrBachelor of Arts
MariettaGASophie Alexandra ShapiroB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MariettaGAStephanie LawsonMaster of Arts
MariettaGARae Dionne GrantB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MariettaGATakiera Anitra PorterMaster of Social Work
MariettaGATTne' CummingsMaster of Science in Nursing
McDonoughGACassandra DossMaster of Social Work
McDonoughGAArdell McKenzieM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
McDonoughGABrian Jeffrey CoatesEducational Specialist
Peachtree CityGACory David RadestB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PerryGAGiles McMichael AmosBachelor of Arts Communication
PoolerGAZachary Charles KonstanzerMaster of Arts
Powder SpringsGAJamir R. WaltonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rising FawnGAKristin Faye BarrettMaster of Social Work
RoswellGACarter B. VanceB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
RoswellGATaylor Anne WilkinsonBachelor of Arts Communication
RoswellGAEmma Caroline GoldsteinBachelor of Arts Communication
SaintSimons IslandGADavis Milton Love IVBachelor of Arts Communication
SavannahGAAnna Christiansen HilliardBachelor of Science
SavannahGABlake A. DoubledayB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SuwaneeGACharles Tracy ForanBachelor of Arts
SuwaneeGAJaveria S. LodiBachelor of Science
ValdostaGAAlicia Lavette WatsonB.S. in Nursing
ValdostaGABrennan Morgan GallagherMaster of Arts
ValdostaGAMarie Anntoinette OwensBachelor of Arts
Warner RobinsGAJessica D. GilstrapB.S. in Nursing
WatkinsvilleGAHannah Jane KrabyB.S. in Education
WoodstockGAWarren Brent KuhnelB.S. in Chemical Engineering
HonoluluHIJames Allen ZillsM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
ClintonIAChristopher James WendelMaster of Arts
ProleIAAnna Claire BentleyBachelor of Arts Communication
WashingtonIAMacenzee Ashten SchwabBachelor of Arts
HaydenIDDouglas OkuniewiczMaster of Arts
Arlington HeightsILMegan Lorraine YoungMaster Library Infor Studies
AuroraILEmma Grace ScatterdayBachelor of Science
AuroraILDaniel Duo ZhangB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AuroraILJacob Michael GroeberB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BellevilleILDaniel J. MassieM.S. Metallurgical Engineering
BolingbrookILPatricia Diane WilliamsBachelor of Science
Calumet CityILLillian Jane BristerBachelor of Science
CarlockILKathryn Elizabeth RobertsMaster Library Infor Studies
ChathamILAmy DowellMaster of Science in Nursing
ChicagoILNicole CunninghamBachelor of Arts
ChicagoILKatie ValentinoDoctor of Nursing Practice
ChicagoILElisheva C. RosenB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ChicagoILKevin ErbMaster of Laws
ChicagoILJulia Lynn CornejoBachelor of Arts Communication
ChicagoILMichelle TesslerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Crystal LakeILJared A. PrieszBachelor of Science
Downers GroveILAngela M. SterrB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ElmhurstILSean Michael MoormanBachelor of Arts Communication
ElmhurstILDouglas Allen KurczekB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
EvanstonILJasmine Camille WilsonB.S. in Education
FrankfortILCynthia Lynn RozakB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HerrinILKendra Megan FischerDoctor of Nursing Practice
Lake VillaILAaron Bret BoehmBachelor of Arts
LovesParkILBrandon William KrauseB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
MoneeILNicole D. ChoksiMaster of Arts
New LenoxILNicholas Michael KertsonB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Orland ParkILDavid Alfonso LeyvaBachelor of Arts
PalatineILMadison K. FincherB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PalosHillsILLea Audrey ZilinskasB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Poplar GroveILMargaret Elizabeth AltintopB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
RomeovilleILBarry McGarry HaggertyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SaintCharlesILLogan Christopher JirakB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
West ChicagoILGreg GushurstMaster of Science
WestmontILHamidreza MahabadipourDoctor of Philosophy
WoodridgeILBryan Andrew CummingsMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
ChestertonINBrandon M. RoeskeMaster of Tax Accounting
MuncieINSavannah Carroll GoodmanBachelor of Arts
New PalestineINAmber BakerBachelor of Science
SaintJohnINCourtney Taylor HeraldB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AshlandKYAdlai Nathanael Reuel FonsecaIndiaMaster of Science
Dawson SpringsKYJason M. DuncanM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
GoshenKYBrooke BenningerM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
HendersonKYLaura Emily SmithM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
HopkinsvilleKYDonovan Lynn KatesM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
LexingtonKYSusanne A. SetzerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LouisvilleKYWilliam C. HughesBachelor of Science
WilliamsburgKYKimberly Ann ProbusDoctor of Nursing Practice
BatonRougeLAWilliam L. JamesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
BatonRougeLAJacqueline Leigh ScalzoBachelor of Science
CovingtonLACody JonesB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
KentwoodLAShyheim T. CarterB.S. in Education
MetairieLADanielle Marie LacosteMaster of Laws
MonroeLAMadeline Shane GebhardtB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Morgan CityLAMeoshonti Akeira KnightM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
OpelousasLAShelbi Monique BarbourB.S. in Education
PrairievilleLADylan James GoingsB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
SlidellLAJah-Nice Shante' WashingtonBachelor of Science
SlidellLARosalind Goldberg WolfMaster of Laws
AmherstMAJeffrey HayesMaster Library Infor Studies
BostonMAJonathan P. MartinB.S. in Nursing
DuxburyMAWilliam G. KalousB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HinghamMAKelly Marie GriffinBachelor of Science
LudlowMAShawn S. GibbsB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MedfieldMAJosue D. Ordonez-ValdezB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AnnapolisMDTaylor Raine KellyBachelor of Arts Communication
BaltimoreMDIsabella MelchiorreBachelor of Arts Communication
BaltimoreMDGrace HarringtonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BethesdaMDAustin Ladani HilburnBachelor of Arts Communication
BethesdaMDJared StapeB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FrederickMDRobert W. Collins, Jr.B.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HollywoodMDElizabeth Anne DavisMaster Library Infor Studies
HyattsvilleMDAlexandra ManningsBachelor of Science
LaPlataMDEmily Rose AdamsB.S. in Education
New MarketMDLorien Kelsie BakerDoctor of Philosophy
PerryvilleMDMadison Leigh GriffittsMaster Library Infor Studies
PikesvilleMDSchuyler SilvermanB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Silver SpringMDMaria Jose MunozBachelor of Science
WestminsterMDKerri N. VirtzBachelor of Arts
WhitePlainsMDJasmine Nicole DoveBachelor of Arts
Ann ArborMISkyler Ryan BowdenBachelor of Arts
Bloomfield HillsMISabrina Noehles GambleBachelor of Arts Communication
FentonMIAmanda J. WestBachelor of Arts
GrandRapidsMIElle Nicole FennemaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LivoniaMIMatthew G. MaleckiB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
UticaMIErika Ann SchemmelBachelor of Science
UticaMIAlexandra N. PanourgiasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MayerMNNicholas Alan FromanB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MinneapolisMNHalle Rachel JaksaBachelor of Arts
MinneapolisMNCarolyn Jeanette LenzenMaster Library Infor Studies
ColumbiaMOLauren E. ForrestB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ColumbiaMOTina Marie LackB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kansas CityMOApril MattisMaster of Social Work
Lees SummitMOHannah Alexandra ColeyBachelor of Arts Communication
SaintAlbansMOLaura Claire NogalskiB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SaintLouisMOMadison Faith MassieBachelor of Science
SaintLouisMORonya Fullerton McCoolMaster Library Infor Studies
SaintLouisMOAlexander Nicholas MillerB.S. in Chemical Engineering
SaintLouisMOThomas M. KiesewetterMaster of Accountancy
SaintLouisMOAaron Michael LevyDoctor of Musical Arts
SaintPetersMOMary Judith GaschM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
AbbevilleMSShelby S. McEwenB.S. in Human Environmental Science
AberdeenMSSabrina R. YoungMaster of Social Work
BrandonMSAllison Danielle LowtherMaster of Social Work
BrandonMSJacob Ryan ReedMaster of Science
ColumbusMSFranshayla Diasya PoeBachelor of Science
CrawfordMSMiya N. SnellB.S. in Education
FayetteMSPandora E. WhiteDoctor of Philosophy
FlorenceMSKendra Suzanne MusgroveB.S. in Nursing
GrenadaMSKelley Gayden ColemanMaster of Social Work
HattiesburgMSNarsett L. WilkinsMaster of Laws
HernandoMSMatt Avery WomackB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
JacksonMSMeri Lucas EldridgeMaster of Social Work
JacksonMSCourtney Natasha HelomB.S. in Education
LouisvilleMSAntanisha ColemanMaster of Social Work
MadisonMSAndrew G. HanebuthB.S. in Chemical Engineering
MarionMSBilal Ameir AhmadBachelor of Arts
MeridianMSRebecca Elizabeth HolmanB.S. in Nursing
MeridianMSKristy Machelle TruittMaster of Social Work
MoorevilleMSTiffany Leigh BrownMaster of Social Work
OceanSpringsMSHeather Chari CrozierM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
OliveBranchMSSallie Hope RichardsonMaster of Social Work
PetalMSKristen L. CondeelisDoctor of Philosophy
RidgelandMSElisabeth Wall ByrdMaster of Laws
SaucierMSBailey WaltmanMaster of Arts
SaucierMSAnthony C. KnightB.S. in Nursing
SeminaryMSAshley R. HolifieldMaster of Arts
StarkvilleMSBrooke Mills WilliamsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TupeloMSWilliam Noah-Boyd RowanMaster of Social Work
West PointMSJudson V. BristowBachelor of Arts Communication
BurlingtonNCLeah Marie BroderickMaster of Arts
CharlotteNCParker Anne RoccoMaster of Arts
CharlotteNCWilliam Walker HumphriesBachelor of Arts
CharlotteNCHannah DuVal BrowneB.S. in Human Environmental Science
CharlotteNCKenya Al- Zaakiyah WilsonBachelor of Arts
CharlotteNCSpencer Elizabeth ButlerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
CharlotteNCMark Hampton CapecciB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
CharlotteNCThomas Wesley Graham, Jr.Master of Laws
CharlotteNCKelsey Knasel PheiferM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
CharlotteNCSidney Seun AdewoyinBachelor of Arts
ClaytonNCMarissa PenderB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ConcordNCSummer Payton ChristenburyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ConoverNCMacy Brooke FranklinMaster of Arts
DallasNCAshley ThompsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DurhamNCHannah LaRae LinkBachelor of Arts
FayettevilleNCMaggie Walker SwiftB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GreensboroNCCharles Whitney Bauserman IVBachelor of Arts
HubertNCCharles Woodrow BlalockMaster of Arts
HuntersvilleNCPerry David MastrocolaMaster of Laws
JamestownNCCasey Marianne MeadB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
KnightdaleNCMuema Mwendwa MathekaBachelor of Arts Communication
MoyockNCNicholas Drake McKenzieB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
RaleighNCNicholas E. MeadeB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
RaleighNCCharles Wesley BlackMaster of Laws
RaleighNCReita Dawn Coxton-ShanaghanMaster of Laws
WendellNCKimberly Young WadsworthB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LincolnNEGerald C. FraasBachelor of Arts
LebanonNHStephanie Caroline CasaleB.S. in Nursing
WeareNHChelsea Lynn SzepanDoctor of Nursing Practice
BayonneNJConor B. SharpBachelor of Arts
BerkeleyHeightsNJLauren Kate MathisBachelor of Arts Communication
Cape MayNJMichael Glenn MaddenB.S. in Education
ClarksburgNJDavid George Thomas, Jr.B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Fair HavenNJJustine E. O'SullivanB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Fort LeeNJScott Alan NuchowMaster of Laws
GilletteNJAvery Dale CarricoMaster Business Administratn
HamburgNJNicole B. FadelBachelor of Arts
LakewoodNJBatya KulikB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LakewoodNJShoshana GettingerB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LakewoodNJMalka CoopersmithB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LebanonNJKristen M. SiposBachelor of Arts
LumbertonNJChristopher Michael SavageB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MahwahNJJoseph Malone LaSpinaB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MontvilleNJAlexa Renae CampbellMaster of Arts
MoorestownNJJacqueline Marie PollockB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MountLaurelNJErin Caitlin DewechterBachelor of Science
OaklandNJChidinma Camille OnuohaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ParamusNJBrian Evan PolskyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
TrentonNJKyle EverettBachelor of Arts
VoorheesNJCasey Brynn EisenbergB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
West CreekNJThomas Paul GodfreyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
WestfieldNJEmma C. HaleyBachelor of Arts Communication
WyckoffNJDevin Lynn MurphyBachelor of Arts Communication
AlbuquerqueNMGilchrist Nathen, Everett SchmidtBS in Athletic Training
HendersonNVJiar M. MeagherB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
RenoNVLeah SalazarDoctor of Nursing Practice
BuffaloNYBrianna McFarland SpenceBachelor of Arts Communication
CenterportNYTyler Glenn PhillipsBachelor of Arts
CornwallNYBrandon Patrick GarzioneMaster of Arts
East NorthportNYJake Patrick MillerB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
East RockawayNYJenna E. DeNapoliB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Far RockawayNYRachel RibowskyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
LynbrookNYMakenzie Patricia TeramoB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NesconsetNYKevin Joseph HealyMaster of Laws
New HydeParkNYAbner PaulB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
New YorkNYTingkai XuChinaMaster of Social Work
PlainviewNYAustin B. RaabB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
RensselaerNYDagmar Erika FiaccoBachelor of Arts
RochesterNYChristopher TaylorMaster of Arts
SaintJamesNYKayla Marie FeeneyBachelor of Science
SloatsburgNYNicolette Paige SavinoB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Staten IslandNYRebecca I. ArcipreteMaster Library Infor Studies
StormvilleNYMichaela Joyce DavidaMaster of Arts
TarrytownNYTatiana A. SousaBachelor of Arts
CincinnatiOHCarolyn Marie YorioMaster of Social Work
CincinnatiOHJeremy K. RandolphM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
ColumbianaOHHannah C. HostetlerBachelor of Science
DaytonOHMichelle L. AngelM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
DublinOHMontana L. MacDonaldB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FrazeysburgOHMichael Alexander RozsaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HarrisonOHMolly Erin WallaceM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MarysvilleOHKali A. BiglinBachelor of Science
West ChesterOHKeeley Anne AtenMaster of Tax Accounting
Wshngtn Ct HsOHJessalyn RifeB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Broken ArrowOKJames Clinton RouseM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
EdmondOKRakieem M. SalaamBachelor of Arts
YukonOKSuzanne Rose FrewaldtMaster of Science in Nursing
BeavertonORJolynn Renee AmrineDoctor of Philosophy
EugeneOREmily RastovichMaster Library Infor Studies
AmblerPABrittany Morgan DeyoB.S. in Education
AvondalePAHunter Dunlap SkrossMaster of Science
Center ValleyPACaitlyn Mary RockelMaster of Arts
ElizabethtownPAMary Elizabeth WentlingBachelor of Arts
GettysburgPASarah Noel ProbstMaster Library Infor Studies
Glen MillsPAAnthony Charles BrawleyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GlenmoorePAMatthew J. MoranBachelor of Science
GlensidePAHannah Grace JansenBachelor of Arts
LanghornePARenee Suzanne Clever-BurgerMaster of Science in Nursing
MarsPAEmily Kathleen CrisciB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MechanicsburgPAKrystle Louise NeidigM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MountainTopPASamantha Lynn HollockM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
MurrysvillePAEllen Claire GrayB.S. in Civil Engineering
PhiladelphiaPASylvia Yanlian WangDoctor of Philosophy
PhiladelphiaPARashida FlowersB.S. in Human Environmental Science
PhoenixvillePAColton Jack MarinB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
PittsburghPAShannon Kelly BurnhamBachelor of Science
PittsburghPAHarrison Clark TeelB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
WaynePAAndrew William McLuckieDoctor of Nursing Practice
WernersvillePAJennifer Lynn CasselB.S. in Human Environmental Science
West ChesterPAAdam Michael CollinsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
JamestownRIMilo S. DiGasperMaster of Science
WarwickRIMolly C. WalshMaster of Arts
CharlestonSCAdrienne J. DanielBachelor of Science
ColumbiaSCSarah RiversB.S. in Human Environmental Science
ColumbiaSCTyler Ryan FrenchBachelor of Arts
ColumbiaSCAnna Catherine SykesB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Fort MillSCColleen M. LuckieB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GooseCreekSCKaylee Christene KempBachelor of Arts
GreenvilleSCKatherine Beall MichauxB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GreenvilleSCSamantha Nicole SmithB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GreenvilleSCKyle B. ChismMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
GreenvilleSCKyle B. ChismMaster Business Administratn
GreenwoodSCJason Z. StroudBachelor of Science
Isle Of PalmsSCJack LozyniakB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
LancasterSCApril Rushing WilliamsMaster Library Infor Studies
McClellanvilleSCJohn Louis BanksB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MountPleasantSCAlexander Crawford WhittemoreB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
NorthAugustaSCGina V. HastingsMaster of Social Work
SaintHelena IslandSCBailey Glades ConnorB.S. in Education
SimpsonvilleSCBrandi N. WhiteBachelor of Arts
SummervilleSCFrancesca KassingDoctor of Philosophy
SummervilleSCMiranda Mie TanouyeM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
RapidCitySDLinton Theodore Clarke IIIMaster of Laws
AntiochTNJasmine AcreeM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
BrentwoodTNAmelia J. DavisB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BrentwoodTNAlexandra Rachael CaddoB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BrentwoodTNStephanie Yvonne CavnarBachelor of Arts
BrentwoodTNHarrison Luke CochranB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BrentwoodTNRobert J. Harter, Jr.B.S. in Computer Science
ChattanoogaTNBarry KraussBachelor of Arts
ClarksvilleTNErin Teague SmithMaster of Arts
ColliervilleTNTrevor D. ScottBachelor of Arts
CordovaTNRian K. TylerBachelor of Science
Estill SpringsTNGriffin BurksBachelor of Arts
FranklinTNBruer S. AtkinsonB.S. in Education
GermantownTNZacharia Abdullah ObajiBachelor of Arts
GermantownTNJoseph Mitchell ClaytonMaster Business Administratn
GermantownTNLindsey Ann TaylorMaster Business Administratn
HendersonvilleTNNeil J. ShimerB.S. in Chemical Engineering
KingsportTNAshton Danielle GreerDoctor of Philosophy
KnoxvilleTNErin Bailey WhiteM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
KnoxvilleTNJohn C. MurrayB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
KnoxvilleTNMacKenzie H. SenoglesBachelor of Arts
KnoxvilleTNJason S. FrederickB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
KnoxvilleTNRachel ZoldessyMaster of Science in Nursing
LouisvilleTNMeredith Noel SterlingB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MadisonTNMeghan Elizabeth BurroughsDoctor of Philosophy
MemphisTNKarson Walker HolmesMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
MemphisTNKarson Walker HolmesMaster Business Administratn
MemphisTNStephen William TsiuMaster Business Administratn
MemphisTNAnna M. BerryB.S. in Human Environmental Science
MemphisTNLillian E. WalkerMaster of Arts
MemphisTNPeter A. ChiegoMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
MorristownTNDanielle M. PaciaBachelor of Arts
MountJulietTNMichael S. ProbascoDoctor of Philosophy
MurfreesboroTNMatthew Sterling BarnesB.S. in Chemical Engineering
MurfreesboroTNEmily A. StockstillBachelor of Arts Communication
NashvilleTNConor Stark DugganMaster of Laws
NashvilleTNChristine Elizabeth Schultz-RichertMaster Library Infor Studies
NashvilleTNKatherine E. ScudderMaster of Tax Accounting
NashvilleTNSara Tidwell ShippB.S. in Human Environmental Science
NashvilleTNBrooke L. ButlerB.S. in Nursing
NashvilleTNMattie E. StephensonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Spring HillTNCarter Daniel LivelyB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Spring HillTNShannon Michele LylesB.S. in Nursing
UnionCityTNMary A. ParksBachelor of Science
AbileneTXAriel Jordyn MasseyBachelor of Arts Communication
AledoTXCheyenne E. KnightBachelor of Arts
AllenTXDavid HicksMaster of Arts
AllenTXRachel Elinor FrostMaster of Arts
AllenTXAndrew W. CernickyB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
AustinTXAntonio Rivera IIIBachelor of Arts
AustinTXHenry Lawrence JaegerMaster of Arts
BellaireTXCharles Agustus Whiteford IVB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BoerneTXBryce David HallB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
BudaTXJenae E. ForniB.S. in Chemical Engineering
CedarHillTXKhalia J. DavisBachelor of Arts
ConroeTXLloyd Michael Dominic Wells-WhitworthBachelor of Science
CypressTXPhoebe Katherine McGowinBachelor of Science
CypressTXStephen Michael BurnsB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
DallasTXEmily HowardB.S. in Nursing
DallasTXJeff DorrillM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
DallasTXAnne Julia DunneB.S. in Human Environmental Science
DallasTXSonia Maria BorboniMaster of Laws
DallasTXJames Dawson FrenchBachelor of Arts Communication
ElPasoTXAbdullah M B M O AlhusainiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Fort WorthTXAngela Taylor VaughnDoctor of Nursing Practice
FriendswoodTXKatherine Michelle FerazziB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
FriscoTXFallyn Lane McDougalB.S. in Human Environmental Science
GarlandTXJody Alan HinsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
GeorgetownTXChristine Marie Moore NasriDoctor of Nursing Practice
HewittTXChancie McLean PinkertonB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
HoustonTXKara Jane FergusonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
HoustonTXChristopher David LeyhB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HoustonTXAdrian AlegreM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
HurstTXKathryn L. TuneB.S. in Education
KatyTXSharharrah Minnie EdwardsMaster of Arts
KatyTXBenjamin Earl JohnsonB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
KaufmanTXKatelyn Elizabeth DavisMaster of Arts
KilleenTXKimberly Denese ChilesMaster of Science in Nursing
LewisvilleTXLisa Rhea CarltonMaster of Arts
LockhartTXJennifer EvansDoctor of Philosophy
McKinneyTXKatie A. OrrB.S. in Human Environmental Science
McKinneyTXEmily Ann GenerazioB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
McKinneyTXAustin J. PalyaM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
PlanoTXLydia Cabral SecorDoctor of Nursing Practice
PlanoTXAshley Elizabeth NixonBachelor of Arts
RichmondTXXavian Shaquille MarksB.S. in Human Environmental Science
RichmondTXRyan Luther BrownMaster of Arts
SachseTXJuanita RhoadesMaster of Science in Nursing
San AntonioTXBrandon J. JohnsonB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
San AntonioTXCaitlyn N. LoweB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SilsbeeTXMichaela Danae HancockMaster of Arts
SouthlakeTXBrian K. PecotMaster Business Administratn
SouthlakeTXConnor James StewartB.S. in Chemical Engineering
SpringTXKatherine A. HoffmanB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
SpringTXBrady J. SommerB.S. in Chemical Engineering
SugarLandTXLevonika Kevon JacksonDoctor of Nursing Practice
SunnyvaleTXLaura Joanne BreedenB.S. in Human Environmental Science
TempleTXNicole M. HayesBachelor of Science
TomballTXJosiah Mathis BreauxB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Wichita FallsTXMarisa Claire FernandezMaster of Social Work
KaysvilleUTSarah Ellen ArnoldMaster Library Infor Studies
KaysvilleUTCory StahleMaster of Science
OremUTKristine Michelle KnudsenM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
ProvoUTBenjamin Franklin HansenB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
RoyUTZachary BringhamMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Salt Lake CityUTKirstin Marie BoneDoctor of Philosophy
Salt Lake CityUTGeorgina Lynet FelixB.S. in Human Environmental Science
West JordanUTKelley Jeanne MacMeekinMaster Library Infor Studies
AlexandriaVAJoseph WilliamsB.S. in Education
AlexandriaVAIan R. FrazierB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
AlexandriaVANicholas James CargasBachelor of Arts
AlexandriaVARobert H. ReddingBachelor of Arts
ArlingtonVAJethro Andrew TorczonBachelor of Arts
ArlingtonVATaryn Marie SmithBachelor of Arts Communication
AshburnVALaurel KriigelMaster Library Infor Studies
AshburnVARonaldo Jalali OteroB.S. in Education
AshlandVACassie Morgan ProffittMaster Library Infor Studies
BurkeVAMadeleine J. BarnesMaster Library Infor Studies
BurkeVAAlexis FreedmanEducational Specialist
CarrolltonVAElysia Diane CardenasBachelor of Arts
CarrolltonVAElysia Diane CardenasB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ChantillyVAMorgan Taylor CurtisBachelor of Arts Communication
Charlotte C HVAKristi Haughwout JeromeMaster Library Infor Studies
FallsChurchVAVictoria Leigh HydeBachelor of Arts Communication
FallsChurchVAPierce William StegmanB.S. in Computer Science
FredericksburgVATroy Andrew AverettB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
FredericksburgVABaxter Gregory CoxBachelor of Arts
LeesburgVASabrina Monir ClarkBachelor of Music
LortonVAConner SalisburyBachelor of Arts Communication
McLeanVABarbara Marian McBrideBachelor of Arts
RichmondVAMelissa Renee AvidanoMaster of Arts
RichmondVAErin Stanton MooreB.S. in Human Environmental Science
SmithfieldVATaylor Renee LocascioBachelor of Arts
SpringfieldVAGraham MostMaster Library Infor Studies
SterlingVAWilliam Corey WrightMaster of Arts
VirginiaBeachVADarryl Maurice Houston IIB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
VirginiaBeachVAAbigail Rae SistiMaster of Science
WoodfordVAKatherine Washington SamuelsMaster of Science in Nursing
Bainbridge IslandWAAtolo TuinukuafeM.S. in Civil Engineering
BellevueWAJade F. KennedyBachelor of Arts
BellevueWANatalie M. PheeB.S. in Education
OlympiaWAAnna E. SchmitzM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
PullmanWAAllen SuttonDoctor of Education
University PlaceWAMegan Renee KopkinDoctor of Philosophy
MilwaukeeWIJohn F. McGrealMaster of Arts
Lashawn Anthony BainB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Trent Wade Bradley, JrBachelor of Music
Taylor Jessica WilkinsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Abdalrahman M M M J AlmutairiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Monet A. RahallBachelor of Arts
BeijingQianyue SunChinaB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
BogotaVanessa De Leon RodriguezColombiaDoctor of Philosophy
ChangshaZhaoyi PanChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Chaoyang, BeijingMinghao LiuChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ChengduJing LiChinaMaster of Arts
DhakaAfrin Hossain AnniBangladeshMaster of Science
DongguanXiaoli LiangChinaDoctor of Philosophy
EdmontonTina Susan ThomasCanadaMaster Library Infor Studies
GuangzhouNan YangChinaB.S. in Electrical Engineering
HangzhouYifan ChenChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
HarbinJue HouChinaDoctor of Philosophy
HastingsCourtney Renee GettinsNew ZealandB.S. in Education
HefeiLiangdong WangChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
JhenaidahMd Easir Arafat PaponBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
JimoHongsong FengChinaMaster of Arts
JinanQingru XuChinaDoctor of Philosophy
JINGZHOUHao WuChinaDoctor of Philosophy
JiningSonghui YueChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Kaifeng CityJia GuoChinaDoctor of Philosophy
KolkataPiyali BanerjeeIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
KolkataShuchismita SarkarIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
KunmingYitian LuoChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MaassluisMirjam HollemanNetherlandsDoctor of Philosophy
MekelleHaile Abraha MehariEthiopiaDoctor of Philosophy
NarailMd Kobir HossainBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
NarayanganjSheik Ahmed UllahBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
Pokhara/KaskiMishal ThapaNepalDoctor of Philosophy
RupandehiSudhir RegmiNepalMaster of Science
SeoulHyunhee ByunSouth KoreaDoctor of Musical Arts
Shijiazhuang,HebeiZiyuan ZhouChinaDoctor of Philosophy
TianjinHanchen BianChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
VinhTu Xuan HoVietnamDoctor of Philosophy
Xianyang CityWenqiao ZhangChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Yarigu-ZebillaJoseph Bukari AbugriGhanaDoctor of Philosophy
YingtanShuang WuChinaDoctor of Philosophy
ZaozhuangYuxiang RenChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
ZouchengYuan CaoChinaDoctor of Philosophy

The University of Alabama, the state’s oldest and largest public institution of higher education, is a student-centered research university that draws the best and brightest to an academic community committed to providing a premier undergraduate and graduate education. UA is dedicated to achieving excellence in scholarship, collaboration and intellectual engagement; providing public outreach and service to the state of Alabama and the nation; and nurturing a campus environment that fosters collegiality, respect and inclusivity.