Commencement Ceremony with Dr. Bell at the podium

Summer 2019 Graduates Announced at UA

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The University of Alabama will award some 1,514 degrees during summer commencement Aug. 3. With a beautiful campus, dozens of challenging academic programs, expert and world-renowned faculty and numerous opportunities for service and growth, The University of Alabama is a place where legends are made. UA offers its students a premier educational, cultural and social experience with more than 200 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. The campus gives students the opportunity to interact with faculty performing cutting-edge research.

Candidates for degrees include:

Nakireyah A. TruittAbbevilleALBachelor of Arts
Jeffery Kyle AustinAdamsvilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Abigail G. WillisAdgerALBachelor of Arts
Serena N. BaileyAlabasterALMaster of Arts
Miranda McClanahanAlabasterALMaster of Social Work
Jordan Mckensie WebsterAlabasterALBachelor of Arts
Stephanie N. KnightAlabasterALB.S. in Education
Adam M. PartonAlabasterALBachelor of Arts
Caroline M. ClarkAlabasterALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Camela B. ThomasAlabasterALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jessie Cole DickieAlbertvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kennedy Foster NicholsonAlbertvilleALB.S. in Electrical Engineering
Ryan T. PrickettAlbertvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Charles Anderson ElliottAlexander CityALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Randi MoonAlexander CityALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Audrey Ann FraserAlicevilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jennifer Leigh PettisAlicevilleALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Courtney Nicole RussawAnnistonALB.S. in Education
Kierra D. WrightAnnistonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Reagan E. PayneAnnistonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Larry Dewayne Hollaway IIIArabALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jo-Anne HuttonArabALMaster of Social Work
Allyson L. WalshArabALBachelor of Arts Communication
Savanna N. WhittArdmoreALBachelor of Arts
Kayla Brooke RussellAritonALB.S. in Nursing
Emily Rachel McNairyAthensALBachelor of Arts
Amanda ShoreAthensALMaster of Social Work
Karen Sue ChockleyAthensALMaster of Arts
Avery Elizabeth HamptonAthensALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Briana Ball HawkinsAthensALMaster of Social Work
Landon R. RobertsonAttallaALMaster Business Administratn
Britt-Nae L. DowdellAuburnALMaster of Social Work
Rachel Anne MorrellAuburnALMaster of Social Work
Rachel Betty AdamsAuburnALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kelsi L. ClevelandAuburnALBachelor of Science
Anna K. TankersleyAuburnALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sarah L. BarnettBay MinetteALMaster of Accountancy
Krystal Nicole SmithBay MinetteALMaster of Science in Nursing
Matthew Dale SprinkleBay MinetteALB.S. in Nursing
Emilee S. GriffithBellamyALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rheanna Jane RemmelBessemerALDoctor of Philosophy
April IrwinBessemerALMaster of Arts
Brittani S. JohnsonBessemerALB.S. in Nursing
Whitney F. JonesBessemerALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Melissa K. JonesBessemerALB.S. in Nursing
Brooke Pauline BunnBessemerALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Courtney L. NolanBessemerALMaster of Social Work
Curtis J. GarnerBessemerALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
JaJuan L. CarterBessemerALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sera E. PowersBessemerALB.S. in Nursing
Ryan B. MarloweBirminghamALB.S. in Education
Landon M. ThurmonBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Robert Bond HigginsBirminghamALMaster of Laws
John D. DamrichBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Cameron R. TiptonBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rachael Elaine DaughtryBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Joseph Adrian RickertBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Thomas H. RileyBirminghamALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Cardell Baldwin, Jr.BirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Brenda L. BallBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Jameira Jashai McCannBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jordan Curtis DePaolantonioBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kayla HortonBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Scott K. McCormickBirminghamALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
David J. Turner IIIBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Lena BarrettBirminghamALMaster of Tax Accounting
Eric L. UnderwoodBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Elizabeth J. UrrutiaBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Alexander S. Van WagnenBirminghamALMaster of Tax Accounting
Margaret A. ViceBirminghamALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Samuel M. BeckensteinBirminghamALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Desmond R. VillalbaBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Darielle D. DraperBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Brooks Douglas BellBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Laura Jeanne McNeillBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Meagan Bryant BennettBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Benjamin R. DunlapBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Michael T. RoweBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Rachel Sophia MedlockBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Haley M. WaitesBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Caroline D. RussellBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
Ashley Jordan BlackwellBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Brooke Elizabeth JacksonBirminghamALMaster of Arts
William D. ElliottBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Alex T. EllisBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
William C. WardBirminghamALB.S. in Education
Darianne Nicole MitchellBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Jordan N. EnglishBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Darianne Nicole MitchellBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Haley N. JenkinsBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
Andrew Price BontempsBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Dwight JinrightBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Jordan A. WatkinsBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Philip B. BotesBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Mary K. MooreBirminghamALMaster Business Administratn
David B. BowersBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Austin C. FannBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Percival Hunter Faulconer IVBirminghamALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Grayson L. JonesBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
David H. BrennanBirminghamALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Grace M. FindleyBirminghamALB.S. in Nursing
Jordan ScrogginsBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
Matthew P. MyersBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ryan Mark BroussardBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Virginia W. SewellBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Dorsey Ann ShamblinBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
James A. BrunoBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Joel R. WilliamsBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jenna R. BrysonBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
Julie Ann KentBirminghamALB.S. in Nursing
Leeonna Sakia BuckhannonBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Jasmine N. BurnsBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Sidney V. Knight IIIBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Justin C. BurpoBirminghamALB.S. Metallurgical Engineering
Benjamin Banks Fulmer, Jr.BirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Olivia Catherine ShullBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ashley Delaine ButtsBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Arrie Michelle SimpsonBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Nathan C. ByarsBirminghamALBachelor of Science
James Nick Sissa, JrBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Lazette WrightBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
Shelby Elizabeth CampbellBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Yu Jin KwonBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Chelsea B. PageBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Roman A. PaolettiBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Lynn SmithBirminghamALMaster of Social Work
McKenzie J. LandBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Steven B. CarterBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Joshua Patrick LawleyBirminghamALMaster Business Administratn
Morgan C. PaughBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jose ChavezBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kenya C. SpencerBirminghamALB.S. in Education
William M. GreerBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ryan R. ChildersBirminghamALMaster of Accountancy
Imani Y. PerryBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Johnny Green StampsBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Lora Bloom HamBirminghamALB.S. in Nursing
James Stockard IIIBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Caroline Lynn HanceBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Rachel D. StovesBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Hannah G. SuellBirminghamALB.S. in Nursing
Brandon H. ColemanBirminghamALMaster of Science
Candice HardyBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Harry Blitch PropesBirminghamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ashlee Re'gene AllenBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Erin Elizabeth HarneyBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Morgan J. CookeBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Heather Eidson AmmonsBirminghamALDoctor of Philosophy
Parker A. HawkinsBirminghamALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Parker A. HawkinsBirminghamALMaster of Science
Amica Faith Baquiran RapadasBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Amica Faith Baquiran RapadasBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Mary C. AndersonBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Peyton M. ReedBirminghamALBachelor of Social Work
Alicia B. UnderwoodBoazALMaster of Science
Ryan J. BeamBoazALMaster of Science
Branden D. SimsBoazALB.S. in Nursing
William T. CamperBoazALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexandria Hope HallmarkBoazALBachelor of Arts
Brande BrazileBrewtonALMaster of Social Work
Duncan Laine BrittainBrewtonALBachelor of Science
Chanese ThomasBrewtonALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kenneth Joseph HammondsBrookwoodALB.S. in Nursing
Sarah T. BlakelyBryantALBachelor of Science
Richmond GunterCamdenALMaster of Laws
Stephen C. MurchisonCamp HillALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Hunter Ashton HanksCastleberryALBachelor of Arts
Dena Lorene BoggsCentreALMaster of Social Work
Kimberly L. JohnsonCentrevilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ashley Michelle RettigChelseaALBachelor of Arts
Ryan James TraylorChelseaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Anna-Michael LongshoreChelseaALB.S. in Nursing
Jackeline D. McWhorterChunchulaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Billie Michelle BrazealChunchulaALDoctor of Philosophy
Zachary D. HoltClevelandALB.S. in Civil Engineering
Angelia KimbrellCokerALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Robin L. ParkerCokerALB.S. in Nursing
Abby L. SuttonCokerALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ryan GravleeCordovaALB.S. in Education
Katie Marie SandlinCottondaleALMaster of Science
Porolifle Flores FullerCottondaleALBachelor of Arts
Alyson K. SmithCottondaleALBachelor of Arts
Zachary F. LeeCottondaleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Christopher W. AlbrightCottondaleALB.S. in Nursing
Alix B. ConnorCottondaleALMaster Business Administratn
Jared R. PopeCropwellALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Peyton J. KnopCrossvilleALMaster of Arts
Allison Nicole AnelloCrossvilleALMaster of Accountancy
Shundreka D. CroomCubaALMaster of Social Work
Aubrey Harris MooreCullmanALMaster of Social Work
Casey WinsettCullmanALBachelor of Arts
Chadrick Del KnopCullmanALB.S. in Nursing
Spencer D. GreenCullmanALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexandra Lauren PettusCullmanALB.S. in Nursing
Christy PettusCullmanALB.S. in Nursing
Josephine Danielle HarringtonCullmanALMaster Library Infor Studies
Brandy Hart ManningCullmanALB.S. in Nursing
Abby B. FlurryDadevilleALMaster of Social Work
Morgan C. KeenumDanvilleALBachelor of Arts
Gunner Christian RoachDaphneALBachelor of Science
Talis Benjamin BattleDaphneALB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
Jan M. VoloveckyDaphneALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Mohamed Mazheruddin Muniruddin MullaDaphneALDoctor of Philosophy
John F. Klosterman IVDaphneALMaster of Fine Arts
Logan M. GilmoreDaphneALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Eric August PetersonDaphneALMaster of Arts
Gabriela Estelle GrossDaphneALB.S. in Nursing
Joseph Probert StassenDaphneALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
James Rhodes AlterDaphneALB.S. in Nursing
Zachary M. DavisDeatsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Richard A. BarnesDeatsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kaylan IngramDeatsvilleALMaster of Social Work
Adam B. EngleDecaturALB.S. in Civil Engineering
Marilyn E. ScottDecaturALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Connor W. CulverDeltaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Christian Amira TroupeDemopolisALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Shanice M. GracieDemopolisALB.S. in Nursing
Brandon Nolan HayDemopolisALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Reagan Brooke TaylorDetroitALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Maggie L. HerronDolomiteALMaster of Public Health
Ashley N. BurgeDolomiteALDoctor of Philosophy
Andrew M. BurkettDoraALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Tamaric J. RegisterDothanALB.S. in Education
Susanne Alice Marie RomanDothanALB.S. in Nursing
Logan T. HuntDothanALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Caroline M. WellsDothanALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Kelsey C. SmothersDothanALB.S. in Nursing
Davidson R. GranberryDothanALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jayde Lynn PopeDothanALMaster of Arts
Abigail C. ClossonDothanALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Joshua Craig AndrewsDothanALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gina L. DoddDouble SpringsALEducational Specialist
Savannah Lynn CrumleyDouble SpringsALBachelor of Science
Samuel Parker FarleyDuncanvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kaitlin Taylor YorkDuncanvilleALBachelor of Arts
Whitney Claridy ClaytonDuttonALMaster of Science in Nursing
Dalton D. DunawayEastabogaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Dustin N. OdomElbaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Melissa Ann ManningElbertaALB.S. in Nursing
Brandi M. HodoElrodALMaster Library Infor Studies
Kayla M. BellEmelleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie ThompsonEnterpriseALMaster of Social Work
Malia Ebony Kanani DavisEnterpriseALBachelor of Arts Communication
Joshua Hulon NewmanEnterpriseALMaster Business Administratn
Joshua Hulon NewmanEnterpriseALM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Casey Walker DunlapEutawALMaster of Science in Nursing
Haley E. NoblesEvergreenALMaster of Science in Nursing
Madeline F. McDuffFairhopeALB.S. in Nursing
Parker David RoeFairhopeALBachelor of Arts
David N. EvesFairhopeALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Austin S. BurchFairhopeALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ann Bradford HansenFairhopeALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
David Michael HardingFairhopeALMaster of Arts
Peggy Prescott MehergFayetteALEducational Specialist
Grant Dwight EasonFayetteALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Hannah F. OliverFayetteALBachelor of Arts
Alessandra K. HullFive PointsALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tristan H. PortwoodFlomatonALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
James Hall ToddFlorenceALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Winfred J. WatsonFlorenceALMaster of Tax Accounting
Lauren E. PittFlorenceALEducational Specialist
Stacy Amanda HarmonFlorenceALMaster Library Infor Studies
Abigail Leigh ReedFlorenceALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Morgan A. SmithFoleyALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
David E. ChristopherFoleyALMaster of Tax Accounting
Lori Michelle JacksonFort PayneALB.S. in Nursing
Mahelene LanierFostersALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sydney S. MarinoFrisco CityALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Renee Stinson WalkerFrisco CityALMaster of Science in Nursing
Carmen Moye HelmsFrisco CityALMaster of Science in Nursing
Chelsey Racheal DeloneyFultondaleALMaster of Science
Christina S. WilliamsonFultondaleALMaster of Arts
Shakera LaShawn StanleyFultondaleALMaster Library Infor Studies
Nivory Gordon IIIFurmanALM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Laura B. RicheyFyffeALMaster of Social Work
John D. DawsonGadsdenALBachelor of Arts
Riley RogersGadsdenALB.S. in Nursing
Ryan D. DowdyGadsdenALMaster of Tax Accounting
Hannah K. BohannonGadsdenALBachelor of Arts
Rebecca P. BrancheGadsdenALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Morgan Elizabeth BrightGadsdenALB.S. in Nursing
Macy Elizabeth BryantGadsdenALBachelor of Arts Communication
Amber AmbersonGadsdenALB.S. in Nursing
Clayton King Speed, Jr.GainesvilleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Leonard Anthony Rose, Jr.GardendaleALMaster of Science in Nursing
Julia Alexandria NealGardendaleALB.S. in Nursing
Jessica BryantGardendaleALB.S. in Nursing
Jhett C. NordanGilbertownALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Bradley ClarkGilbertownALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Lance K. CarpenterGordoALMaster of Accountancy
Drew L. HankinsGordoALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Anida S. ViravongGrandBayALMaster Business Administratn
Abbi Chisholm RogersGrantALMaster of Social Work
Lani Faith D. KeeneyGreenvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Taylor N. TingleGulf ShoresALMaster of Tax Accounting
Christina Nicole WhitehurstGulf ShoresALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Anna K. YancyGuntersvilleALBachelor of Arts
Mary McDowell Covington RainsGuntersvilleALMaster of Arts
Kathryn V. AndersonGuntersvilleALM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Caitlyn Sierra CroftGuntersvilleALBachelor of Arts
Ethan R. MobleyHaleyvilleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Falyn Celeste ColeHancevilleALMaster of Social Work
Jessilynn L. LubertHancevilleALB.S. in Nursing
Jaycee Dorriety RolfHartfordALB.S. in Nursing
Joseph SandersHartfordALB.S. in Nursing
Paula Timm WadeHartselleALB.S. in Nursing
Lindsey Rae WoodruffHartselleALMaster of Arts
Judson C. Pheny IIIHartselleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Timothy A. SteinHartselleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Molly LooneyHartselleALB.S. in Nursing
Michelle E. BrimeyerHarvestALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Tiffani Nicole SmithHarvestALMaster of Social Work
Andrew K. StewartHarvestALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Dalton Thomas AndersonHarvestALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Amelia Rene' JohnsonHaydenALB.S. in Nursing
Elizabeth A. JonesHeadlandALB.S. in Nursing
Abby P. ClarkHeflinALDoctor of Philosophy
Olivia Bri LauderdaleHelenaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Judson Scott ColburnHelenaALMaster of Science in Nursing
Kristen D. LushingtonHelenaALDoctor of Philosophy
Brooklyn M. BrothersHortonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sarah C. TomlinHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
William Owen RobersonHuntsvilleALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Joseph Matthew DickinsonHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts
Erin BarshingerHuntsvilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Chelsey L. BigoneyHuntsvilleALB.S. in Education
Samuel M. SalvoHuntsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Macey A. JohnsonHuntsvilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sarah E. MoshierHuntsvilleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Sarah D. FieldsHuntsvilleALMaster of Arts
Olivia Grace KeaslingHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Khalil D. NormanHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts
Ashley Marie YoungHuntsvilleALMaster of Fine Arts
Blake A. SmithHuntsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Frederick G. LankfordHuntsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Briana L. GrahamHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts
December GuzzoHuntsvilleALMaster of Social Work
Racquel G. PutzierHuntsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Stephanie TateHuntsvilleALB.S. in Nursing
James Warren MaddoxHuntsvilleALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Thomas Putnam AndersonHuntsvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Glenn D. ManningHuntsvilleALMaster of Arts
Anna K. BolenJacksonALB.S. in Education
Rebecca Southern RigsbyJasperALMaster of Social Work
Nathan E. SandersJasperALMaster of Tax Accounting
James Landon WestJasperALBachelor of Science
Richard Anthony SellersJasperALMaster of Arts
Benjimin Kyle AaronJasperALB.S. in Computer Science
Brittany L. ManascoJasperALMaster of Social Work
Sean A. JohnsonJemisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Selbie Clinton Bradley IIILanettALB.S. in Nursing
Quintavious Martanez ReaLanettALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Addison KempLeedsALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
William Lamar HeathLeedsALDoctor of Philosophy
Demarcus A. JacksonLetohatcheeALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Dylan M. SandersLevelPlainsALBachelor of Arts
Cameron E. RidgewayLexingtonALBachelor of Arts
Joseph Bowen GissendanerLincolnALBachelor of Arts
Jeffery J. Stacy, Jr.LindenALBachelor of Science
Veronica Teaenna AcklesLinevilleALBachelor of Arts
Anna L. EzellLivingstonALBachelor of Arts
Jennifer H. HarwellLivingstonALDoctor of Education
Charlotte Denise PeeleLoxleyALMaster of Science in Nursing
Kasi Marie JordanLuverneALB.S. in Nursing
Callie T. MartinMadisonALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Michael K. Bernier, Jr.MadisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Emilie Elyse SchulzeMadisonALMaster of Social Work
Travis Allen WestMadisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Elliott Richard WhiteMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Jalen L. KellyMadisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Josephine A. ShiversMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Carmon LeAnn GallimoreMadisonALMaster of Arts
Brenda D. SkinnerMadisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gregory Lee ZelinskyMadisonALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Abbey Leigh PayneMadisonALB.S. in Education
Tyriek L. CheathamMadisonALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Veronica E. HartleyMadisonALBachelor of Science
Sarah A. HawkinsMadisonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Karrigan A. TurnerMarionALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Karina A. LewisMarionALMaster of Social Work
Virginia Ann LamoureuxMayleneALMaster of Arts
Kristalyn Meshea LeeMayleneALDoctor of Education
Brett R. HammeMayleneALBachelor of Arts Communication
Sela K. McDonaldMcCallaALBachelor of Science
Ryan L. OrtonMcCallaALBachelor of Arts
Robert D. Slaughter, Jr.McCallaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Marquia JamesMcIntoshALMaster of Social Work
Ross M. ThompsonMeridianvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Robert J. MathewsMidland CityALM.S. in Electrical Engineering
Joyce Denise Loyd-DavisMillbrookALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Angelo James AntoneMobileALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Randi L. ArendallMobileALB.S. in Nursing
Christopher E. AutryMobileALB.S. in Education
Jessica DavisMobileALMaster of Social Work
Brian T. DeboiMobileALM.S. in Electrical Engineering
Charles Oren Hon, VMobileALMaster Business Administratn
Elizabeth Camille BarnettMobileALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Lydia M. DuffyMobileALMaster of Social Work
Patrick J. VolnoffMobileALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Breland G. MeadorMobileALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Thong Hoang DuongMobileALMaster of Arts
Cheryl Ordiz MillingMobileALB.S. in Nursing
Annie Hunter JonesMobileALDoctor of Philosophy
John L. White, Jr.MobileALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Laura Katherine FisherMobileALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Stephen C. ShawMobileALBachelor of Arts
Roy Michael Kennedy, JrMobileALB.S. in Education
Patrick Daniel NilandMobileALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Samantha Lauren KraverMobileALMaster Business Administratn
Allen Hunter Ladd, JrMobileALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Dwight LambertMobileALBachelor of Science
Lauren M. ZechaMobileALB.S. in Education
Lauren Michelle CaveMobileALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
TaLacey StallworthMobileALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Anthony Hunter AbdoMobileALBachelor of Arts
Kristina E. PolizziMobileALMaster Library Infor Studies
Falah F F F B AlajmiMobileALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Kyle C. Pugh, Jr.MobileALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kimberly Jacques McDadeMontevalloALMaster Library Infor Studies
Carolina MunozMontevalloALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Bailey A. DavisMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts Communication
Emma K. MatthewsMontgomeryALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Loden Brock TruloveMontgomeryALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
George Ronald Barnes, JrMontgomeryALMaster of Science in Nursing
Miranda Alexis MellosMontgomeryALB.S. in Nursing
Victoria A. WalkerMontgomeryALB.S. in Education
Dana Michelle EvansMontgomeryALDoctor of Philosophy
Brittany L. EvansMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts Communication
Jawanna Mon'ae EvansMontgomeryALMaster of Social Work
Keely N. WebsterMontgomeryALBachelor of Science
Sukjoon KangMontgomeryALB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Ryan Givel WhitlowMontgomeryALBachelor of Science
William Alton Newman IVMontgomeryALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Michael Conner NicholsonMontgomeryALDoctor of Philosophy
Charles E. Shipman IIMontgomeryALB.S. in Computer Science
Cassandra Maria KnightMontgomeryALMaster of Social Work
Caitlin M. SimontonMontgomeryALMaster Library Infor Studies
Richard Michael PhaturosMontgomeryALB.S. in Education
April Fraser Pierre-LouisMontgomeryALB.S. in Nursing
John N. Albritton IVMontgomeryALM.S. in Civil Engineering
John N. Albritton IVMontgomeryALMaster Business Administratn
Nathanael J. ConteMontgomeryALM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Nathanael J. ConteMontgomeryALMaster Business Administratn
John A. Teague IIMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts Communication
William Coleman TerryMontgomeryALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Meghan C. BurfordMoodyALB.S. in Nursing
Christopher K. SellersMoundvilleALB.S. in Education
Rachael N. ClayMoundvilleALB.S. in Nursing
Ciara B. EdwardsMountOliveALB.S. in Education
Brittany N. PelfreyMountOliveALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kenri L. HowellMuscle ShoalsALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Lucy A. BerrymanMuscle ShoalsALMaster of Arts
Austin Layne WoodardMuscle ShoalsALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Lucas Robert YordyMuscle ShoalsALMaster Business Administratn
Paige M. PriceMuscle ShoalsALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ilham K. AliMuscle ShoalsALB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
Margaret L. BrownNewtonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kerri HeritageNorthportALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kelsy Renee MarlerNorthportALB.S. in Nursing
Joseph Patrick DaidoneNorthportALB.S. in Civil Engineering
Sandra P. Martinez FrancoNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Marcus A. HillNorthportALB.S. in Education
Stephanie Leigh TomesNorthportALMaster of Arts
Kayla L. HintonNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sarah Marie RichardsNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Amira I. TotahNorthportALBachelor of Arts Communication
Alexander L. RicheyNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Leah Marie Travis TaylorNorthportALMaster of Science
Stewart S. BakerNorthportALMaster of Accountancy
Quentin R. MaynardNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Timothy Adam HomanNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Valerie D. TurbervilleNorthportALBachelor of Science
Jeremy D. HudsonNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Raven McKenzieNorthportALMaster of Arts
Terry L. HughstonNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Victoria Lynn BedsoleNorthportALMaster of Arts
Maggie Cheyenne MillerNorthportALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Rachel Kristin EllisonNorthportALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Vanessa Lashette JeffersonNorthportALMaster of Arts
Caleb R. MontgomeryNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Daniel Ray SanfordNorthportALMaster of Arts
Casey Leigh SchmittNorthportALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Cameron D. WestNorthportALB.S. in Education
Justin W. FisherNorthportALMaster of Laws
Merrill Thagard FlowersNorthportALMaster of Social Work
Joshua Ellsworth KelleyNorthportALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Kimberly Ann BuckNorthportALB.S. in Nursing
James E. ShelanderNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kelsey Maria WilliamsNorthportALB.S. in Nursing
Jonathan T. ShepardNorthportALB.S. in Civil Engineering
Alyssa J. BushNorthportALBachelor of Science
Kathleen P. O'NealNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Jessica L. BynumNorthportALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Megan Jones SimsNorthportALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Spencer CaldwellNorthportALMaster of Science
Tammy Jean ParrettNorthportALMaster of Arts
Justin Steven CaseNorthportALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Hilary Keene SpadoniNorthportALMaster of Science in Nursing
Kimberly Michelle LewisNorthportALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ashlyn L. PerkinsNorthportALBachelor of Science
Jaimie M. ChoiNorthportALMaster of Arts
Justin M. GuyNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jordan L. ClayNorthportALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Connor B. LongNorthportALBachelor of Science
Giovani Lopez LopezNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Brianna Lauren CokerNorthportALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Susan S. PowellNorthportALMaster of Science in Nursing
Tabitha Patricia SutchNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Yang LuNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Payton AllenNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rachel Lambert QueenNorthportALMaster of Science in Nursing
Hope E. HartsfieldNorthportALB.S. in Nursing
Samuel W. CrawfordNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Catarino Maldonado MartinezNorthportALB.S. in Electrical Engineering
Kayleigh S. ReavesNorthportALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tyler Graham ThomasNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Kaleigh R. HeatonNorthportALMaster of Arts
Crystal Garner HendersonNorthportALDoctor of Education
Courtney Nicole BrownOdenvilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Brandon Travis TaylorOdenvilleALEducational Specialist
Adrianna Haley WallaceOrange BeachALBachelor of Arts Communication
Mary W. ReedOrange BeachALBachelor of Arts Communication
Gabrielle Nicole RodgersOwensCrossRoadsALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Andrew D. LeakOwensCrossRoadsALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Nathan Hayes LudwigOwensCrossRoadsALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Cason L. KeyParrishALBachelor of Arts
Jessie J. HumphriesPelhamALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Emily Elizabeth MillerPelhamALB.S. in Nursing
Joshua A. BrasherPelhamALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Misty Nicole JonesPelhamALMaster of Social Work
Cooper J. ParkerPelhamALMaster of Science
Matthew H. TremlettPell CityALB.S. in Education
Rolanda T. TurnerPell CityALBachelor of Science
Marti Le'Anne RoddaPell CityALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tiffany L. GalleglyPell CityALMaster of Social Work
Jennifer Rebecca HowardPhenix CityALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gregory Wayne WardPhenix CityALMaster of Arts
Meltrish La'sha SandersPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Vincent L. WigginsPhenix CityALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kelsay N. LockhartPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Alexandra Elizabeth HoffmannPike RoadALBachelor of Arts Communication
Carrie YatesPike RoadALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Bradi M. LewisPike RoadALMaster of Arts
Mary H. TerryPike RoadALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tyler HigginbothamPinsonALBachelor of Science
Christian C. WilsonPinsonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sarah M. LewisPointClearALBachelor of Science
Chelsea B. VincentPrattvilleALB.S. in Nursing
Keara Marie IshmanPrattvilleALB.S. in Nursing
Graydon J. RustPrattvilleALMaster Library Infor Studies
Patrick J. MotleyPrattvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Brandon Ladon PerduePrattvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Michael Joseph AhernPrattvilleALB.S. in Computer Science
Rebecca Stephens LollarPrattvilleALMaster Library Infor Studies
Katrina A. HardenPrattvilleALBachelor of Arts
Brenna Potash CarlisleRaglandALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Rachel NealRainbow CityALMaster of Arts
Rebekah C. WombleRalphALBachelor of Arts
Amelia DeWitt TulipanReformALB.S. in Civil Engineering
Alma Latasha HoustonRoanokeALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Cole S. WoodsRobertsdaleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Anna E. GerhardtSatsumaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Payton G. DuncanScottsboroALBachelor of Arts
Jessica LaKeisha LightScottsboroALBachelor of Social Work
Alexis S. CunninghamSelmaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
John E. Robertson IIISelmaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Rebecca Marcelle MusgroveSemmesALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Adrienne Westbrook PurifoySemmesALB.S. in Nursing
Tucker R. SigleSheffieldALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Lauren A. ThomasSilverhillALBachelor of Arts Communication
Brittney N. GodwinSlocombALB.S. in Education
Romei J. GilmoreSmiths StationALB.S. in Education
Maya J. PittsSmiths StationALBachelor of Arts
Jacob Bradley WoodSomervilleALB.S. in Education
Stephanie Booker RidgewaySpanish FortALB.S. in Nursing
Blake Christopher RutledgeSpanish FortALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Nicole Elizabeth NunezSpanish FortALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Joseph J. TapiaSpanish FortALMaster of Tax Accounting
Kristen E. JonesSpringvilleALBachelor of Arts
Charlotte F. AllenSpringvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Bryan A. WigginsStapletonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jamie R. EppersonSterrettALMaster of Social Work
Taylor Alexis BakerSummerdaleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kristy L. BeardSummerdaleALB.S. in Nursing
Elijah Todd SandersSylacaugaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Lauren A. BrasherSylacaugaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Briana R. JacksonThomasvilleALBachelor of Science
William Justin MorganTrinityALDoctor of Philosophy
Casey R. StandridgeTrinityALMaster of Tax Accounting
Ethan A. MontgomeryTroyALBachelor of Arts
Shamerra Ajoy CarterTroyALMaster of Social Work
Diamond D. PickettTroyALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Patrick C. DavisTrussvilleALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Teresa Croom BivensTRUSSVILLEALMaster of Arts
Kevin H. MillerTrussvilleALMaster of Arts
Steven Kyle MosleyTrussvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sarah R. FrazierTrussvilleALB.S. in Nursing
John M. Caraway IIITrussvilleALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Joshua Edward ParkerTrussvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jimmy Wayne QuickTrussvilleALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Aaron K. CoxTrussvilleALMaster of Arts
Ethan James ReidTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Paul Daniel ThompsonTuscaloosaALM.S. in Criminal Justice
Tyler Austin ReitengaTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Austin Hunter ThreadgillTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Hayden Ross DaggettTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jacob Donald MartinTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Elizabeth M. RhinehartTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Claudia Beatriz Martinez ReyesTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Jodd Vincent Bailey DanielsTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Chineda Lasha HillTuscaloosaALDoctor of Education
Danilo Vincenzo TolussoTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Collin James DarwishTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Alexis D. RhodesTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Lillith Helena MatakaetisTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Julianna M. BabinTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jessica Kelley TownsendTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Alicia R. DavisTuscaloosaALMaster Public Administration
Zachary M. TravisTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Mark Stephen MayfieldTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Railey Isabella BakerTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Alexander Davidson MayhewTuscaloosaALMaster of Music
Christian Taylor HoltTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
India S. McCantsTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Anna K. TuckerTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Leron D. McClainTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Amelia Espino Delos ReyesTuscaloosaALDoctor of Education
Andrew Nicholas RobertsonTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Mary Ellen McCollTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Hannah Rose McConveryTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Ida Denise RobinsonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Olivia Paige RobinsonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Deja C. RobinsonTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Lyndell T. McDonaldTuscaloosaALMaster of Fine Arts
Tatyana P. DobayTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Nilsamarie RodriguezTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Kyle W. BayleyTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kateland Nichole McIntyreTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Monica D. HutchesonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
James Isaac BennstromTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jaden Ashley RountreeTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Abbey Taylor WachsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Peter Sverre BergeTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Katheryn Deni MeadowsTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Masudul Haider ImtiazTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Megan Anna WagnerTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Parriss N. BettisTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Brett J. DusekTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Carleigh A. IrbyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Melanie Jesse Shalaine WakefieldTuscaloosaALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Aaliyah WalkerTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Hannah Rose IsmertTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Alethia SanTosha RussellTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Victoria Nicole IvyTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Laurel B. MerbaumTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Tawana EdwardsTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Friederich Justin EkstroemTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Terrance L. RutledgeTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Samuel L. RyalsTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Jason JacksonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Ryan SabbaghTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Stephen D. BockmanTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
William Hampton MillsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Daniel G. EmersonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Kourtney Rose JakubowskiTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Hyrum Nathanael SalmonTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
William Kavin Ward, JrTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Nicholas A. BomarTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Macey Lauren BoothTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
John Alexander WatsonTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell R. JohnsonTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Karleigh M. JohnsonTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Devin A. BowensTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Emily A. JohnsonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Nishani Poorna MoragodaTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Mika D. SawyerTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Ashton N. WebsterTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
LaBethany Octavia Feagins-MarshallTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Ann Marie BrakefieldTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Pierre Alexandra JohnsonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Rebecca C. WeldonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Jessica Lynn WellsTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Justin A. MorrowTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Christopher D. JonesTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Karley Nicole FernandezTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Ethan Charles FeytTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kimberly McCay ScottTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Daniel Bridi ValentimTuscaloosaALM.S. in Civil Engineering
Bodiuzzaman JonyTuscaloosaALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Holly Elizabeth JulifsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Shambhu K CTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
William Porcher MurrayTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Mikko S. KarkkainenTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Christopher B. BrooksTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Michael Gage FloydTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexandra F. NancarrowTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Simone E. FloydTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Silas BrownTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Laura Lee WilhiteTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Katelyn B. NelsonTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Caleb G. NewbyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Cheryl WilliamsTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Cameron D. NewtonTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Okeen Omar WilliamsTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ashley Paige KerlinTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Huan Anh NguyenTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Ulrike Christine FranzTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Laine Elizabeth SheltonTuscaloosaALM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Sujan BudhathokiTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Laine Elizabeth SheltonTuscaloosaALMaster Business Administratn
Gilbert Kipkemei Kigen, JrTuscaloosaALKenyaBachelor of Science
Lindsey A. SherrillTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Bumsoo KimTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Zeyuan ShiTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gabrielle A. WillisTuscaloosaALM.S. in Civil Engineering
Lajuarren BurksTuscaloosaALB.S. in Education
Christopher S. KirbyTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rosemary F. KleinTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Lita Marissa ShiveTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Ronica R. FullerTuscaloosaALMaster of Social Work
John Taylor GambleTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Nicole Catherine WootenTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jian GaoTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Jessica Anne KowalskiTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Kevin Pierce WrightTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Robert Tyler CalderwoodTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Robert Tyler CalderwoodTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Paeton A. GaspardTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Delia Ann OzmentTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Toni Le SmithTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Larry Gene CanadaTuscaloosaALMaster of Laws
Shike YangTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jasmine S. ParkerTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Madeline Nicole LangcusterTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Madeline Nicole LangcusterTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Katey E. ParkerTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Jonathan A. LanierTuscaloosaALBachelor of Fine Arts
Nicholas Korda CarneyTuscaloosaALMaster of Social Work
Marla E. ParksTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Meredith A. ParrTuscaloosaALM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Haley Dunson SniderTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ryan E. LavoieTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Michael Harrison SolomonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Jennifer Monique PasteurTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Xiaochuan SongTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
James Stephen Patterson IVTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Dailyn J. PattonTuscaloosaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Hadley Elizabeth SpadacciniTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Anna Kacey LeeTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Hadley Elizabeth SpadacciniTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Kimberly Carol Granda AndersonTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Austin Martin SpauldingTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Miranda L. LessnerTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Matthew A. GreenTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Rebecca Wai Chee LeungTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Rebecca L. GriesbachTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kinsey M. StanleyTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Daniel Curtis StanleyTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Jin Yu LinTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Ariel N. ClarkTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tao LiuTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Paige D. HallTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Karianna Lynn PlumTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Noryetta J. HallTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Molly M. LockartTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Amanda L. StewartTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Jenna Maryann HallTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Ashok PokhrelTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Jala S. LockhartTuscaloosaALMaster of Public Health
Shamar Levaughn StewartTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Shamar Levaughn StewartTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Payton E. HambyTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Mohammad J M A M AlabdulhadiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Bader SH N O H AlajmiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Tori Michelle StoneTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Fahad M Q H S KH AlajmiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Abdulrahman Saleh M AlaliTuscaloosaALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Anna C. PorterTuscaloosaALMaster of Tax Accounting
Hasan A S A S KH AlbahraniTuscaloosaALKuwaitB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Colin HancockTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Aubrey L. LoriaTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Jared Shahrouz LotfiTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Caitlyn Alexandria ColeTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Yang SunTuscaloosaALChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Abdullah Mohammed S AlgareaTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Erik Roland HansonTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Victoria Price HardinTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Brighton L. CollinsTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Hadi A S H D AlmarriTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Yan LuoTuscaloosaALMaster of Social Work
Yousef Matar A AlmarshdiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Hamad Owaidh M AlmuhathilTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Jarrah KH B H F AlmutairiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Blake M. HarrisTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Mohammad M KH E AlmutairiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Keldreck ConwellTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Rylleigh P. HarstadTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Yanxiao MaTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Abdulaziz IbrahiM.S. AlsaadTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Justine Ann MacfarlaneTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Adel M M J A AlthaidiTuscaloosaALB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Morgan Tatum CordleTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Leightyn Elisabeth CosseyTuscaloosaALMaster of Tax Accounting
John Travis RailsbackTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Patrick R. RaineyTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Cedrina N. RandolphTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Surakshya ThapaTuscaloosaALM.S. in Chemistry
Elizabeth Richardson HearnTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Jason Brian ThomasTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sylvia S. ThomasTuscaloosaALB.S. in Nursing
Chelsey Hunt HenthornTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Qian MaoTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Jada M. ThomasTuscaloosaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Chelsea K. MoonTuscumbiaALMaster of Arts
Leiah Danielle KimbroughTuscumbiaALB.S. in Nursing
Tamyiah R. TynerTuskegeeALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Amy Richards ThorntonUnionGroveALMaster of Science
Kalen S. EarlyUniontownALBachelor of Arts
Danielle Alisa BoydVanceALBachelor of Arts
Bailey M. McClendonVerbenaALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Alexander J. WashburnVinemontALBachelor of Arts Communication
Leesa Dyan HughesWeaverALMaster of Arts
David J. MartinWest BloctonALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kerri Alexis NewtonWetumpkaALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Michael SimpkinsWetumpkaALMaster of Arts
Zachary H. ScottWilsonvilleALB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Karen D. GrayWilsonvilleALBachelor of Science
Jessica Edwana WarrenWinfieldALMaster Library Infor Studies
Wesley H. CrewWinfieldALBachelor of Arts
Emily Grace BushWoodstockALB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Michael D. SmithConwayARMaster of Laws
Jimmy Ray ChambersJonesboroARBachelor of Arts
Morgan L. TracyLittle RockARBachelor of Science
Connor Thomas AdamsLittle RockARBachelor of Science
Kasha PinkertonWest ForkARMaster of Science in Nursing
Madison Delaney SmithChandlerAZBachelor of Science
Elizabeth Chelsey MadisonChandlerAZBachelor of Science
Lauren E. LamertonPhoenixAZB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Gabrielle T. ShortVailAZMaster of Arts
Andrew David WilburBakersfieldCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Juan Carlos GomezCalexicoCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Andrew AntognoliCarmel By The SeaCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jacqueline Rae JurekCarmichaelCAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Cole Thomas AnselmoFoothillRanchCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jeffrey Allan MooreForest FallsCAMaster of Arts
Katie Lynn GuardinoGilroyCABachelor of Arts
Victoria A. DoveHealdsburgCABachelor of Arts Communication
Rebecca GuzmanHerculesCAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Mitchell W. Huyck-TroutLaCanada FlintridgeCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Joshua Kawika SedenoLoomisCABachelor of Arts Communication
Chana Rochel BlauLos AngelesCAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Amellia A. ArmstrongMalibuCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Connor D. GarciaMercedCABachelor of Arts
Cassandra Rose CuratoloMontereyCAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Leigh-Anne HoughtonMoorparkCABachelor of Arts
Claire Marie BindewaldNapaCABachelor of Science
Juliette J. EdwardsNewhallCABachelor of Arts Communication
Brooke Deanne HuttoOrangeCABachelor of Arts Communication
William Sanford Harrison IIIOxnardCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Dominic Christian DeVillePetalumaCAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Peng ShangRancho CucamongaCADoctor of Philosophy
Kian Jonathan Covelli IngwellRedwood CityCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Austin VelardeRosevilleCAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jason Michael HetzlerSacramentoCAMaster of Arts
Jeffrey Keith BurneySan DiegoCADoctor of Nursing Practice
Alexandra Rose StevensonSan DiegoCAB.S. in Education
Fiona Marie CantandoSan JoseCAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kevin B. HaggertySan JoseCABachelor of Science
Sarah E. HooseSan RamonCABachelor of Science
Ross SpauldingSantaClaritaCAMaster of Arts
Jessica M. StaffordSimi ValleyCABachelor of Arts
Elizabeth J. RollinsSun CityCABachelor of Arts
Tyler Elizabeth MathewsTemeculaCAMaster Business Administratn
Melissa Kathleen CallahanTemeculaCAMaster of Science in Nursing
Nicole Alexandra FalboTustinCABachelor of Arts
Leete Tietjen SkinnerBoulderCOB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Melissa Faith SchultzBreckenridgeCOMaster Library Infor Studies
Claire A. MoellerColoradoSpringsCOMaster of Arts
Alyson Kate BoettgerErieCOB.S. in Education
Blair D. BatkyLittletonCOMaster of Arts
Jared Michael KelleherLittletonCOB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Riggs M. WinzLittletonCOB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Georgia C. GallagherLittletonCOBachelor of Arts
Seide Madelaine CimburaLittletonCOBachelor of Science
Gretchen Ivy FranzPineCOMaster Business Administratn
Kendall Elizabeth VogtSteamboat SpringsCOBachelor of Arts
Christopher FischerCos CobCTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Brendan M. RotondiEastonCTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
John T. McLaughlinFarmingtonCTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jason Hipolito CapozzaGreenwichCTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kaitlyn VieiraMilfordCTB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Lawrence Quartaro IIINew FairfieldCTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexa G. SummerlinNewtownCTBachelor of Arts Communication
Courtlyn E. SecoyTrumbullCTBachelor of Arts
Charles Edward ShervinWashingtonDCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Vincent A. ManettiBearDEB.S. in Education
Amy Oppenheimer AnBoca RatonFLMaster Library Infor Studies
Michael DemesBoynton BeachFLBachelor of Science
Trevor J. GroomsBradentonFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Timothy William GreeneBradenton BeachFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Courtney Elizabeth HessonBrandonFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kathryn Posey BryantFernandina BeachFLB.S. in Nursing
Madison Elizabeth SheardFort LauderdaleFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Carlos Aaron GarciaFort LauderdaleFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Krystal Joyce SparlingFort LauderdaleFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Rabin MahatGainesvilleFLNepalMaster of Science
Chelsea BakerGrandRidgeFLB.S. in Nursing
Olivia Marie WarrenGulf BreezeFLMaster of Science
Hannah Christine WatsonGulf BreezeFLBachelor of Arts
Obiageli Ijeoma OkekeHialeahFLDoctor of Nursing Practice
Muskan PeeraniHollywoodFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Carolyn W. SmithHomesteadFLDoctor of Nursing Practice
Katherine Bentley ForresterJacksonvilleFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Ryan Edward PartainJacksonvilleFLBachelor of Science
Nancy Elanore PhillipsJacksonvilleFLDoctor of Nursing Practice
Hunter William LaBanzJupiterFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alicia Mae HessamiLakelandFLB.S. in Nursing
Leslie Catherine WoodLakelandFLMaster of Science in Nursing
Patrick Joseph Reilly IIILithiaFLMaster of Science
Patrick Joseph Reilly IIILithiaFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jennifer Elizabeth RodriguezLithiaFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Loryn Elisabeth AstleLongwoodFLMaster of Science in Nursing
Audrie Nicole AnthonyLoxahatcheeFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Taylor A. BeceiroMiamiFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Shannon Ivey MorgenMiamiFLMaster of Science in Nursing
Joseph Anthony FigueredoMiamiFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Lauren Nicole SerigMiamiFLMaster of Arts
Jessica L. WinklerMiamiFLB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Sophia Rosa O'DellMiamiFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Tatiana GandolffMiamiFLMaster of Arts
Christian Ronny SirvasMiamiFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Christian Edward LopezMiamiFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Raymond J. Rafool IIIMiamiFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Anneliese GaleanoMiamiBeachFLB.S. in Nursing
Nancy E. CreamerMiltonFLB.S. in Nursing
Savannah Lee KingNaplesFLMaster of Arts
Geoffrey William StearnsNaplesFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kenneth Dean Marvin NoelNavarreFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Thomas Keith OliverNicevilleFLMaster of Science in Nursing
Aminda Joy JakobOrange ParkFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Richard Kinkaid WilliamsonOrange ParkFLBachelor of Social Work
William Wesley RhodenOrlandoFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Daniel Noah SchweringOrlandoFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Emmanuel CarreraOrlandoFLBachelor of Arts
Chaya Hobson SpringerOrlandoFLMaster of Arts
Claire R. StantonOrlandoFLBachelor of Science
Mitchell Chase LovelandOrlandoFLBachelor of Arts
Connor Quinn AnielloOrlandoFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexander David WebbOrmond BeachFLBachelor of Arts
Hayley ReevesOrmond BeachFLBachelor of Arts
Marlo Adriana MikulskiPalm CityFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kayla MoutonPalm HarborFLB.S. Environmentalmental Engineering
Tierra C. WardPensacolaFLMaster Library Infor Studies
Susan PeabodyPensacolaFLBachelor of Arts
Michael Arthur LoganPensacolaFLMaster of Arts
Racine RomeoPompano BeachFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Nicole Alexandra MahinSaintAugustineFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Liz Maren OrtizSaintCloudFLMaster of Arts
Matthew Carter RozelleSaintJamesCityFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Victoria L. HolmesSaintPetersburgFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Paul E. SabadishSaintPetersburgFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Kaitlyn M. LineberrySan AntonioFLMaster Business Administratn
Morgan Ann MegnaSeminoleFLBachelor of Arts Communication
James Edward BigginsSun CityCenterFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Cheyenne N. AutryTallahasseeFLMaster of Arts
Kyra Victoria MiltonTallahasseeFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Carol Frances ShawTallahasseeFLBachelor of Arts
Thomas James LiscioTallahasseeFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Caitlin M. BauerTampaFLBachelor of Arts
Calia Arglod MoraisTampaFLDoctor of Philosophy
Erin O'Connor-BellTampaFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Drew Cahill AhernTampaFLM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Courtney Sylvia LynchTampaFLBachelor of Arts
Aizya AliValricoFLB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Oliver Jackson RowlesWest Palm BeachFLBachelor of Arts
Jordan A. LewisWindermereFLB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Courtney Lynn DaigleWinter GardenFLBachelor of Arts
Caroline R. WhiteAcworthGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Mecca BrewerAlpharettaGABachelor of Arts
Swati PatilAlpharettaGAB.S. in Nursing
Parisa Nicole PoorakAlpharettaGAMaster of Arts
Grant Thomas AnderskowAlpharettaGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
William T. CunninghamAthensGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
James Lewis Clarke, JrAthensGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Nicole NeustadtAtlantaGABachelor of Arts
Max FrancoAtlantaGABachelor of Arts
James Bradford SimmelAtlantaGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
George Riley GearyAtlantaGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Wanda Rogler GibbonsAtlantaGADoctor of Nursing Practice
Racquel B. SparksAtlantaGABachelor of Science
Hannah E. ChristopherAtlantaGABachelor of Fine Arts
Carol Anne ClarkAtlantaGAMaster of Social Work
Martha Caroline PopeAtlantaGABachelor of Arts
Justin Henry CowartAtlantaGABachelor of Arts Communication
Connor Cregan AndertonAtlantaGABachelor of Arts Communication
Corinne Janette ThomasAtlantaGAMaster of Tax Accounting
Jason Daniel MannAuburnGAB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Adam Trey PullenBuchananGAMaster of Arts
Michael SuitCantonGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Taylor C. LedfordCataulaGAM.S. in Marine Science
Adam W. AbramsColumbusGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Thomas Leonard StickleyColumbusGAMaster Library Infor Studies
Zachary A. ColeColumbusGAMaster of Arts
Alexia C. LewisConyersGABachelor of Science
Ronnesha R. RobinsonCovingtonGAMaster of Social Work
Demi K. HammondCovingtonGAMaster of Arts
Harold William FoyCummingGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Cristina E. WingCummingGABachelor of Science
Normandy YaegerCummingGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Averi G. LewisCummingGAB.S. in Education
Averi G. LewisCummingGABachelor of Arts
Caroline Coker CourseyDecaturGAMaster of Arts
Janacee Alexis ThomasDouglasvilleGAB.S. in Education
Jackson P. MorganDuluthGABachelor of Arts Communication
Mariah Marche BlanksFayettevilleGABachelor of Science
Erin WagesFlowery BranchGAMaster Library Infor Studies
Jessica L. ThreattGrovetownGAB.S. in Education
Bethany Christiane ScottGrovetownGAB.S. in Education
Kiara Sharice FrailsHephzibahGAMaster of Social Work
Laurence Christopher MoodyHinesvilleGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Michael K. AdamsKennesawGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Zachary Nolan ClayLagrangeGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Amin SaganiLawrencevilleGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Taylor Arnell GillespieLawrencevilleGAB.S. in Education
Shaoan LiLawrencevilleGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Sharonda MalcomeLithoniaGAMaster of Arts
Valencia Lavon WeaverLoganvilleGADoctor of Nursing Practice
Kayndise Cierra LeeMabletonGAMaster of Science in Nursing
Nathaniel Martin CarterMaconGAB.S. in Geology
Brendon T. CoatsMaconGABachelor of Science
Lauren Patricia HribMariettaGABachelor of Science
Jessica Helene BowenMariettaGAMaster of Arts
Ernest James Sellers, JrMariettaGABachelor of Arts
Sophie Alexandra ShapiroMariettaGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Stephanie LawsonMariettaGAMaster of Arts
Rae Dionne GrantMariettaGAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Takiera Anitra PorterMariettaGAMaster of Social Work
TTne' CummingsMariettaGAMaster of Science in Nursing
Cassandra DossMcDonoughGAMaster of Social Work
Ardell McKenzieMcDonoughGAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Brian Jeffrey CoatesMcDonoughGAEducational Specialist
Cory David RadestPeachtree CityGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Giles McMichael AmosPerryGABachelor of Arts Communication
Zachary Charles KonstanzerPoolerGAMaster of Arts
Jamir R. WaltonPowder SpringsGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kristin Faye BarrettRising FawnGAMaster of Social Work
Carter B. VanceRoswellGAB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Anne WilkinsonRoswellGABachelor of Arts Communication
Emma Caroline GoldsteinRoswellGABachelor of Arts Communication
Davis Milton Love IVSaintSimons IslandGABachelor of Arts Communication
Anna Christiansen HilliardSavannahGABachelor of Science
Blake A. DoubledaySavannahGAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Charles Tracy ForanSuwaneeGABachelor of Arts
Javeria S. LodiSuwaneeGABachelor of Science
Alicia Lavette WatsonValdostaGAB.S. in Nursing
Brennan Morgan GallagherValdostaGAMaster of Arts
Marie Anntoinette OwensValdostaGABachelor of Arts
Jessica D. GilstrapWarner RobinsGAB.S. in Nursing
Hannah Jane KrabyWatkinsvilleGAB.S. in Education
Warren Brent KuhnelWoodstockGAB.S. in Chemical Engineering
James Allen ZillsHonoluluHIM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Christopher James WendelClintonIAMaster of Arts
Anna Claire BentleyProleIABachelor of Arts Communication
Macenzee Ashten SchwabWashingtonIABachelor of Arts
Douglas OkuniewiczHaydenIDMaster of Arts
Megan Lorraine YoungArlington HeightsILMaster Library Infor Studies
Emma Grace ScatterdayAuroraILBachelor of Science
Daniel Duo ZhangAuroraILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jacob Michael GroeberAuroraILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Daniel J. MassieBellevilleILM.S. Metallurgical Engineering
Patricia Diane WilliamsBolingbrookILBachelor of Science
Lillian Jane BristerCalumet CityILBachelor of Science
Kathryn Elizabeth RobertsCarlockILMaster Library Infor Studies
Amy DowellChathamILMaster of Science in Nursing
Nicole CunninghamChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Katie ValentinoChicagoILDoctor of Nursing Practice
Elisheva C. RosenChicagoILB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kevin ErbChicagoILMaster of Laws
Julia Lynn CornejoChicagoILBachelor of Arts Communication
Michelle TesslerChicagoILB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jared A. PrieszCrystal LakeILBachelor of Science
Angela M. SterrDowners GroveILB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sean Michael MoormanElmhurstILBachelor of Arts Communication
Douglas Allen KurczekElmhurstILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jasmine Camille WilsonEvanstonILB.S. in Education
Cynthia Lynn RozakFrankfortILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kendra Megan FischerHerrinILDoctor of Nursing Practice
Aaron Bret BoehmLake VillaILBachelor of Arts
Brandon William KrauseLovesParkILB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Nicole D. ChoksiMoneeILMaster of Arts
Nicholas Michael KertsonNew LenoxILB.S. in Chemical Engineering
David Alfonso LeyvaOrland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Madison K. FincherPalatineILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Lea Audrey ZilinskasPalosHillsILB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Margaret Elizabeth AltintopPoplar GroveILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Barry McGarry HaggertyRomeovilleILB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Logan Christopher JirakSaintCharlesILB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Greg GushurstWest ChicagoILMaster of Science
Hamidreza MahabadipourWestmontILDoctor of Philosophy
Bryan Andrew CummingsWoodridgeILMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Brandon M. RoeskeChestertonINMaster of Tax Accounting
Savannah Carroll GoodmanMuncieINBachelor of Arts
Amber BakerNew PalestineINBachelor of Science
Courtney Taylor HeraldSaintJohnINB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Adlai Nathanael Reuel FonsecaAshlandKYIndiaMaster of Science
Jason M. DuncanDawson SpringsKYM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Brooke BenningerGoshenKYM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Laura Emily SmithHendersonKYM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Donovan Lynn KatesHopkinsvilleKYM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Susanne A. SetzerLexingtonKYB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
William C. HughesLouisvilleKYBachelor of Science
Kimberly Ann ProbusWilliamsburgKYDoctor of Nursing Practice
William L. JamesBatonRougeLAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jacqueline Leigh ScalzoBatonRougeLABachelor of Science
Cody JonesCovingtonLAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Shyheim T. CarterKentwoodLAB.S. in Education
Danielle Marie LacosteMetairieLAMaster of Laws
Madeline Shane GebhardtMonroeLAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Meoshonti Akeira KnightMorgan CityLAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Shelbi Monique BarbourOpelousasLAB.S. in Education
Dylan James GoingsPrairievilleLAB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Jah-Nice Shante' WashingtonSlidellLABachelor of Science
Rosalind Goldberg WolfSlidellLAMaster of Laws
Jeffrey HayesAmherstMAMaster Library Infor Studies
Jonathan P. MartinBostonMAB.S. in Nursing
William G. KalousDuxburyMAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kelly Marie GriffinHinghamMABachelor of Science
Shawn S. GibbsLudlowMAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Josue D. Ordonez-ValdezMedfieldMAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Taylor Raine KellyAnnapolisMDBachelor of Arts Communication
Isabella MelchiorreBaltimoreMDBachelor of Arts Communication
Grace HarringtonBaltimoreMDB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Austin Ladani HilburnBethesdaMDBachelor of Arts Communication
Jared StapeBethesdaMDB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Robert W. Collins, Jr.FrederickMDB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Elizabeth Anne DavisHollywoodMDMaster Library Infor Studies
Alexandra ManningsHyattsvilleMDBachelor of Science
Emily Rose AdamsLaPlataMDB.S. in Education
Lorien Kelsie BakerNew MarketMDDoctor of Philosophy
Madison Leigh GriffittsPerryvilleMDMaster Library Infor Studies
Schuyler SilvermanPikesvilleMDB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Maria Jose MunozSilver SpringMDBachelor of Science
Kerri N. VirtzWestminsterMDBachelor of Arts
Jasmine Nicole DoveWhitePlainsMDBachelor of Arts
Skyler Ryan BowdenAnn ArborMIBachelor of Arts
Sabrina Noehles GambleBloomfield HillsMIBachelor of Arts Communication
Amanda J. WestFentonMIBachelor of Arts
Elle Nicole FennemaGrandRapidsMIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Matthew G. MaleckiLivoniaMIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Erika Ann SchemmelUticaMIBachelor of Science
Alexandra N. PanourgiasUticaMIB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Nicholas Alan FromanMayerMNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Halle Rachel JaksaMinneapolisMNBachelor of Arts
Carolyn Jeanette LenzenMinneapolisMNMaster Library Infor Studies
Lauren E. ForrestColumbiaMOB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tina Marie LackColumbiaMOB.S. in Human Environmental Science
April MattisKansas CityMOMaster of Social Work
Hannah Alexandra ColeyLees SummitMOBachelor of Arts Communication
Laura Claire NogalskiSaintAlbansMOB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Madison Faith MassieSaintLouisMOBachelor of Science
Ronya Fullerton McCoolSaintLouisMOMaster Library Infor Studies
Alexander Nicholas MillerSaintLouisMOB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Thomas M. KiesewetterSaintLouisMOMaster of Accountancy
Aaron Michael LevySaintLouisMODoctor of Musical Arts
Mary Judith GaschSaintPetersMOM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Shelby S. McEwenAbbevilleMSB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sabrina R. YoungAberdeenMSMaster of Social Work
Allison Danielle LowtherBrandonMSMaster of Social Work
Jacob Ryan ReedBrandonMSMaster of Science
Franshayla Diasya PoeColumbusMSBachelor of Science
Miya N. SnellCrawfordMSB.S. in Education
Pandora E. WhiteFayetteMSDoctor of Philosophy
Kendra Suzanne MusgroveFlorenceMSB.S. in Nursing
Kelley Gayden ColemanGrenadaMSMaster of Social Work
Narsett L. WilkinsHattiesburgMSMaster of Laws
Matt Avery WomackHernandoMSB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Meri Lucas EldridgeJacksonMSMaster of Social Work
Courtney Natasha HelomJacksonMSB.S. in Education
Antanisha ColemanLouisvilleMSMaster of Social Work
Andrew G. HanebuthMadisonMSB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Bilal Ameir AhmadMarionMSBachelor of Arts
Rebecca Elizabeth HolmanMeridianMSB.S. in Nursing
Kristy Machelle TruittMeridianMSMaster of Social Work
Tiffany Leigh BrownMoorevilleMSMaster of Social Work
Heather Chari CrozierOceanSpringsMSM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Sallie Hope RichardsonOliveBranchMSMaster of Social Work
Kristen L. CondeelisPetalMSDoctor of Philosophy
Elisabeth Wall ByrdRidgelandMSMaster of Laws
Bailey WaltmanSaucierMSMaster of Arts
Anthony C. KnightSaucierMSB.S. in Nursing
Ashley R. HolifieldSeminaryMSMaster of Arts
Brooke Mills WilliamsonStarkvilleMSB.S. in Human Environmental Science
William Noah-Boyd RowanTupeloMSMaster of Social Work
Judson V. BristowWest PointMSBachelor of Arts Communication
Leah Marie BroderickBurlingtonNCMaster of Arts
Parker Anne RoccoCharlotteNCMaster of Arts
William Walker HumphriesCharlotteNCBachelor of Arts
Hannah DuVal BrowneCharlotteNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kenya Al- Zaakiyah WilsonCharlotteNCBachelor of Arts
Spencer Elizabeth ButlerCharlotteNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Mark Hampton CapecciCharlotteNCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Thomas Wesley Graham, Jr.CharlotteNCMaster of Laws
Kelsey Knasel PheiferCharlotteNCM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Sidney Seun AdewoyinCharlotteNCBachelor of Arts
Marissa PenderClaytonNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Summer Payton ChristenburyConcordNCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Macy Brooke FranklinConoverNCMaster of Arts
Ashley ThompsonDallasNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Hannah LaRae LinkDurhamNCBachelor of Arts
Maggie Walker SwiftFayettevilleNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Charles Whitney Bauserman IVGreensboroNCBachelor of Arts
Charles Woodrow BlalockHubertNCMaster of Arts
Perry David MastrocolaHuntersvilleNCMaster of Laws
Casey Marianne MeadJamestownNCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Muema Mwendwa MathekaKnightdaleNCBachelor of Arts Communication
Nicholas Drake McKenzieMoyockNCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Nicholas E. MeadeRaleighNCB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Charles Wesley BlackRaleighNCMaster of Laws
Reita Dawn Coxton-ShanaghanRaleighNCMaster of Laws
Kimberly Young WadsworthWendellNCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Gerald C. FraasLincolnNEBachelor of Arts
Stephanie Caroline CasaleLebanonNHB.S. in Nursing
Chelsea Lynn SzepanWeareNHDoctor of Nursing Practice
Conor B. SharpBayonneNJBachelor of Arts
Lauren Kate MathisBerkeleyHeightsNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Michael Glenn MaddenCape MayNJB.S. in Education
David George Thomas, Jr.ClarksburgNJB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Justine E. O'SullivanFair HavenNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Scott Alan NuchowFort LeeNJMaster of Laws
Avery Dale CarricoGilletteNJMaster Business Administratn
Nicole B. FadelHamburgNJBachelor of Arts
Batya KulikLakewoodNJB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Shoshana GettingerLakewoodNJB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Malka CoopersmithLakewoodNJB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kristen M. SiposLebanonNJBachelor of Arts
Christopher Michael SavageLumbertonNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Joseph Malone LaSpinaMahwahNJB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Alexa Renae CampbellMontvilleNJMaster of Arts
Jacqueline Marie PollockMoorestownNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Erin Caitlin DewechterMountLaurelNJBachelor of Science
Chidinma Camille OnuohaOaklandNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Brian Evan PolskyParamusNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kyle EverettTrentonNJBachelor of Arts
Casey Brynn EisenbergVoorheesNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Thomas Paul GodfreyWest CreekNJB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Emma C. HaleyWestfieldNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Devin Lynn MurphyWyckoffNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Gilchrist Nathen, Everett SchmidtAlbuquerqueNMBS in Athletic Training
Jiar M. MeagherHendersonNVB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Leah SalazarRenoNVDoctor of Nursing Practice
Brianna McFarland SpenceBuffaloNYBachelor of Arts Communication
Tyler Glenn PhillipsCenterportNYBachelor of Arts
Brandon Patrick GarzioneCornwallNYMaster of Arts
Jake Patrick MillerEast NorthportNYB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jenna E. DeNapoliEast RockawayNYB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Rachel RibowskyFar RockawayNYB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Makenzie Patricia TeramoLynbrookNYB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kevin Joseph HealyNesconsetNYMaster of Laws
Abner PaulNew HydeParkNYB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Tingkai XuNew YorkNYChinaMaster of Social Work
Austin B. RaabPlainviewNYB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Dagmar Erika FiaccoRensselaerNYBachelor of Arts
Christopher TaylorRochesterNYMaster of Arts
Kayla Marie FeeneySaintJamesNYBachelor of Science
Nicolette Paige SavinoSloatsburgNYB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Rebecca I. ArcipreteStaten IslandNYMaster Library Infor Studies
Michaela Joyce DavidaStormvilleNYMaster of Arts
Tatiana A. SousaTarrytownNYBachelor of Arts
Carolyn Marie YorioCincinnatiOHMaster of Social Work
Jeremy K. RandolphCincinnatiOHM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Hannah C. HostetlerColumbianaOHBachelor of Science
Michelle L. AngelDaytonOHM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Montana L. MacDonaldDublinOHB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Michael Alexander RozsaFrazeysburgOHB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Molly Erin WallaceHarrisonOHM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Kali A. BiglinMarysvilleOHBachelor of Science
Keeley Anne AtenWest ChesterOHMaster of Tax Accounting
Jessalyn RifeWshngtn Ct HsOHB.S. in Human Environmental Science
James Clinton RouseBroken ArrowOKM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Rakieem M. SalaamEdmondOKBachelor of Arts
Suzanne Rose FrewaldtYukonOKMaster of Science in Nursing
Jolynn Renee AmrineBeavertonORDoctor of Philosophy
Emily RastovichEugeneORMaster Library Infor Studies
Brittany Morgan DeyoAmblerPAB.S. in Education
Hunter Dunlap SkrossAvondalePAMaster of Science
Caitlyn Mary RockelCenter ValleyPAMaster of Arts
Mary Elizabeth WentlingElizabethtownPABachelor of Arts
Sarah Noel ProbstGettysburgPAMaster Library Infor Studies
Anthony Charles BrawleyGlen MillsPAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Matthew J. MoranGlenmoorePABachelor of Science
Hannah Grace JansenGlensidePABachelor of Arts
Renee Suzanne Clever-BurgerLanghornePAMaster of Science in Nursing
Emily Kathleen CrisciMarsPAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Krystle Louise NeidigMechanicsburgPAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Samantha Lynn HollockMountainTopPAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Ellen Claire GrayMurrysvillePAB.S. in Civil Engineering
Sylvia Yanlian WangPhiladelphiaPADoctor of Philosophy
Rashida FlowersPhiladelphiaPAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Colton Jack MarinPhoenixvillePAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Shannon Kelly BurnhamPittsburghPABachelor of Science
Harrison Clark TeelPittsburghPAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Andrew William McLuckieWaynePADoctor of Nursing Practice
Jennifer Lynn CasselWernersvillePAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Adam Michael CollinsWest ChesterPAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Milo S. DiGasperJamestownRIMaster of Science
Molly C. WalshWarwickRIMaster of Arts
Adrienne J. DanielCharlestonSCBachelor of Science
Sarah RiversColumbiaSCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Tyler Ryan FrenchColumbiaSCBachelor of Arts
Anna Catherine SykesColumbiaSCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Colleen M. LuckieFort MillSCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kaylee Christene KempGooseCreekSCBachelor of Arts
Katherine Beall MichauxGreenvilleSCB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Samantha Nicole SmithGreenvilleSCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Kyle B. ChismGreenvilleSCMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Kyle B. ChismGreenvilleSCMaster Business Administratn
Jason Z. StroudGreenwoodSCBachelor of Science
Jack LozyniakIsle Of PalmsSCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
April Rushing WilliamsLancasterSCMaster Library Infor Studies
John Louis BanksMcClellanvilleSCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexander Crawford WhittemoreMountPleasantSCB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Gina V. HastingsNorthAugustaSCMaster of Social Work
Bailey Glades ConnorSaintHelena IslandSCB.S. in Education
Brandi N. WhiteSimpsonvilleSCBachelor of Arts
Francesca KassingSummervilleSCDoctor of Philosophy
Miranda Mie TanouyeSummervilleSCM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Linton Theodore Clarke IIIRapidCitySDMaster of Laws
Jasmine AcreeAntiochTNM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Amelia J. DavisBrentwoodTNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Alexandra Rachael CaddoBrentwoodTNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Stephanie Yvonne CavnarBrentwoodTNBachelor of Arts
Harrison Luke CochranBrentwoodTNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Robert J. Harter, Jr.BrentwoodTNB.S. in Computer Science
Barry KraussChattanoogaTNBachelor of Arts
Erin Teague SmithClarksvilleTNMaster of Arts
Trevor D. ScottColliervilleTNBachelor of Arts
Rian K. TylerCordovaTNBachelor of Science
Griffin BurksEstill SpringsTNBachelor of Arts
Bruer S. AtkinsonFranklinTNB.S. in Education
Zacharia Abdullah ObajiGermantownTNBachelor of Arts
Joseph Mitchell ClaytonGermantownTNMaster Business Administratn
Lindsey Ann TaylorGermantownTNMaster Business Administratn
Neil J. ShimerHendersonvilleTNB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Ashton Danielle GreerKingsportTNDoctor of Philosophy
Erin Bailey WhiteKnoxvilleTNM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
John C. MurrayKnoxvilleTNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
MacKenzie H. SenoglesKnoxvilleTNBachelor of Arts
Jason S. FrederickKnoxvilleTNB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Rachel ZoldessyKnoxvilleTNMaster of Science in Nursing
Meredith Noel SterlingLouisvilleTNB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Meghan Elizabeth BurroughsMadisonTNDoctor of Philosophy
Karson Walker HolmesMemphisTNMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Karson Walker HolmesMemphisTNMaster Business Administratn
Stephen William TsiuMemphisTNMaster Business Administratn
Anna M. BerryMemphisTNB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Lillian E. WalkerMemphisTNMaster of Arts
Peter A. ChiegoMemphisTNMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Danielle M. PaciaMorristownTNBachelor of Arts
Michael S. ProbascoMountJulietTNDoctor of Philosophy
Matthew Sterling BarnesMurfreesboroTNB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Emily A. StockstillMurfreesboroTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Conor Stark DugganNashvilleTNMaster of Laws
Christine Elizabeth Schultz-RichertNashvilleTNMaster Library Infor Studies
Katherine E. ScudderNashvilleTNMaster of Tax Accounting
Sara Tidwell ShippNashvilleTNB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Brooke L. ButlerNashvilleTNB.S. in Nursing
Mattie E. StephensonNashvilleTNB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Carter Daniel LivelySpring HillTNB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Shannon Michele LylesSpring HillTNB.S. in Nursing
Mary A. ParksUnionCityTNBachelor of Science
Ariel Jordyn MasseyAbileneTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Cheyenne E. KnightAledoTXBachelor of Arts
David HicksAllenTXMaster of Arts
Rachel Elinor FrostAllenTXMaster of Arts
Andrew W. CernickyAllenTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Antonio Rivera IIIAustinTXBachelor of Arts
Henry Lawrence JaegerAustinTXMaster of Arts
Charles Agustus Whiteford IVBellaireTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Bryce David HallBoerneTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jenae E. ForniBudaTXB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Khalia J. DavisCedarHillTXBachelor of Arts
Lloyd Michael Dominic Wells-WhitworthConroeTXBachelor of Science
Phoebe Katherine McGowinCypressTXBachelor of Science
Stephen Michael BurnsCypressTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Emily HowardDallasTXB.S. in Nursing
Jeff DorrillDallasTXM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Anne Julia DunneDallasTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Sonia Maria BorboniDallasTXMaster of Laws
James Dawson FrenchDallasTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Abdullah M B M O AlhusainiElPasoTXB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Angela Taylor VaughnFort WorthTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Katherine Michelle FerazziFriendswoodTXB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Fallyn Lane McDougalFriscoTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Jody Alan HinsonGarlandTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Christine Marie Moore NasriGeorgetownTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Chancie McLean PinkertonHewittTXB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Kara Jane FergusonHoustonTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Christopher David LeyhHoustonTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Adrian AlegreHoustonTXM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Kathryn L. TuneHurstTXB.S. in Education
Sharharrah Minnie EdwardsKatyTXMaster of Arts
Benjamin Earl JohnsonKatyTXB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Katelyn Elizabeth DavisKaufmanTXMaster of Arts
Kimberly Denese ChilesKilleenTXMaster of Science in Nursing
Lisa Rhea CarltonLewisvilleTXMaster of Arts
Jennifer EvansLockhartTXDoctor of Philosophy
Katie A. OrrMcKinneyTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Emily Ann GenerazioMcKinneyTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Austin J. PalyaMcKinneyTXM.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Lydia Cabral SecorPlanoTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Ashley Elizabeth NixonPlanoTXBachelor of Arts
Xavian Shaquille MarksRichmondTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Ryan Luther BrownRichmondTXMaster of Arts
Juanita RhoadesSachseTXMaster of Science in Nursing
Brandon J. JohnsonSan AntonioTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Caitlyn N. LoweSan AntonioTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Michaela Danae HancockSilsbeeTXMaster of Arts
Brian K. PecotSouthlakeTXMaster Business Administratn
Connor James StewartSouthlakeTXB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Katherine A. HoffmanSpringTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Brady J. SommerSpringTXB.S. in Chemical Engineering
Levonika Kevon JacksonSugarLandTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Laura Joanne BreedenSunnyvaleTXB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Nicole M. HayesTempleTXBachelor of Science
Josiah Mathis BreauxTomballTXB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Marisa Claire FernandezWichita FallsTXMaster of Social Work
Sarah Ellen ArnoldKaysvilleUTMaster Library Infor Studies
Cory StahleKaysvilleUTMaster of Science
Kristine Michelle KnudsenOremUTM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Benjamin Franklin HansenProvoUTB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Zachary BringhamRoyUTMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Kirstin Marie BoneSalt Lake CityUTDoctor of Philosophy
Georgina Lynet FelixSalt Lake CityUTB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Kelley Jeanne MacMeekinWest JordanUTMaster Library Infor Studies
Joseph WilliamsAlexandriaVAB.S. in Education
Ian R. FrazierAlexandriaVAB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas James CargasAlexandriaVABachelor of Arts
Robert H. ReddingAlexandriaVABachelor of Arts
Jethro Andrew TorczonArlingtonVABachelor of Arts
Taryn Marie SmithArlingtonVABachelor of Arts Communication
Laurel KriigelAshburnVAMaster Library Infor Studies
Ronaldo Jalali OteroAshburnVAB.S. in Education
Cassie Morgan ProffittAshlandVAMaster Library Infor Studies
Madeleine J. BarnesBurkeVAMaster Library Infor Studies
Alexis FreedmanBurkeVAEducational Specialist
Elysia Diane CardenasCarrolltonVABachelor of Arts
Elysia Diane CardenasCarrolltonVAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Morgan Taylor CurtisChantillyVABachelor of Arts Communication
Kristi Haughwout JeromeCharlotte C HVAMaster Library Infor Studies
Victoria Leigh HydeFallsChurchVABachelor of Arts Communication
Pierce William StegmanFallsChurchVAB.S. in Computer Science
Troy Andrew AverettFredericksburgVAB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Baxter Gregory CoxFredericksburgVABachelor of Arts
Sabrina Monir ClarkLeesburgVABachelor of Music
Conner SalisburyLortonVABachelor of Arts Communication
Barbara Marian McBrideMcLeanVABachelor of Arts
Melissa Renee AvidanoRichmondVAMaster of Arts
Erin Stanton MooreRichmondVAB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Taylor Renee LocascioSmithfieldVABachelor of Arts
Graham MostSpringfieldVAMaster Library Infor Studies
William Corey WrightSterlingVAMaster of Arts
Darryl Maurice Houston IIVirginiaBeachVAB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Abigail Rae SistiVirginiaBeachVAMaster of Science
Katherine Washington SamuelsWoodfordVAMaster of Science in Nursing
Atolo TuinukuafeBainbridge IslandWAM.S. in Civil Engineering
Jade F. KennedyBellevueWABachelor of Arts
Natalie M. PheeBellevueWAB.S. in Education
Anna E. SchmitzOlympiaWAM.S. in Human Environmental Sciences
Allen SuttonPullmanWADoctor of Education
Megan Renee KopkinUniversity PlaceWADoctor of Philosophy
John F. McGrealMilwaukeeWIMaster of Arts
Lashawn Anthony BainB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Trent Wade Bradley, JrBachelor of Music
Taylor Jessica WilkinsonB.S. in Human Environmental Science
Abdalrahman M M M J AlmutairiB.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Monet A. RahallBachelor of Arts
Qianyue SunBeijingChinaB.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Vanessa De Leon RodriguezBogotaColombiaDoctor of Philosophy
Zhaoyi PanChangshaChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Minghao LiuChaoyang, BeijingChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jing LiChengduChinaMaster of Arts
Afrin Hossain AnniDhakaBangladeshMaster of Science
Xiaoli LiangDongguanChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Tina Susan ThomasEdmontonCanadaMaster Library Infor Studies
Nan YangGuangzhouChinaB.S. in Electrical Engineering
Yifan ChenHangzhouChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Jue HouHarbinChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Courtney Renee GettinsHastingsNew ZealandB.S. in Education
Liangdong WangHefeiChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Md Easir Arafat PaponJhenaidahBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
Hongsong FengJimoChinaMaster of Arts
Qingru XuJinanChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Hao WuJINGZHOUChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Songhui YueJiningChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Jia GuoKaifeng CityChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Piyali BanerjeeKolkataIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Shuchismita SarkarKolkataIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Yitian LuoKunmingChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Mirjam HollemanMaassluisNetherlandsDoctor of Philosophy
Haile Abraha MehariMekelleEthiopiaDoctor of Philosophy
Md Kobir HossainNarailBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
Sheik Ahmed UllahNarayanganjBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
Mishal ThapaPokhara/KaskiNepalDoctor of Philosophy
Sudhir RegmiRupandehiNepalMaster of Science
Hyunhee ByunSeoulSouth KoreaDoctor of Musical Arts
Ziyuan ZhouShijiazhuang,HebeiChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Hanchen BianTianjinChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Tu Xuan HoVinhVietnamDoctor of Philosophy
Wenqiao ZhangXianyang CityChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Joseph Bukari AbugriYarigu-ZebillaGhanaDoctor of Philosophy
Shuang WuYingtanChinaDoctor of Philosophy
Yuxiang RenZaozhuangChinaB.S. Commerce and Business Administration
Yuan CaoZouchengChinaDoctor of Philosophy