UA Recognizes Undergrad Randall Research Award Winners

UA Recognizes Undergrad Randall Research Award Winners

The Randall Research Awards luncheon honors winners.

The Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award Program recognizes and celebrates the best research activity conducted by undergraduate students at The University of Alabama.

Undergraduate students who have conducted significant scholarly research are nominated by faculty/staff research directors. The recipients and their nominators are recognized at a luncheon in their honor during UA’s Honors Week.

In 1997, the Randall Publishing Co. and the H. Pettus Randall III family created the Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award Program in memory of Henry Pettus Randall Jr., a distinguished UA alumnus and creator of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

A distinguished panel of UA research faculty and past winners of the Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award select the winners.

First Name Last Name Major College Project Name Faculty Mentor
Emma Burford Mechanical Engineering Engineering Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance in Additively Manufactured Steels Dr. S.R. Daniewicz
Nadia DelMedico Art History Arts & Sciences Slavery at The University of Alabama Dr. Rachel Stephens
Alison Farrar Physics Arts & Sciences Anisotropic Damping in Spintronic & Spinlogic Devices Dr. Claudia Mewes
Amber Gomez Chemical Engineering Engineering Actinide +II and +III Ion Aqueous Hydrolysis Reactions and Lewis Acidities of Early Actinides Dr. David Dixon
Helmi Henkin Psychology and French Arts & Sciences Bringing Art to Life/Mindful Coping Power Dr. Rebecca Allen and Dr. Caroline Boxmeyer
James Howard Chemistry Arts & Sciences Application of air-stable palladium(II) precatalysts to Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and C-H activation of pyridine N-oxides Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
Katelyn Isbell Electrical Engineering Engineering Cavity-Backed Archimedean Spiral Antenna with Conical Perturbations for 3U CubeSat Applications Dr. Yang-Ki Hong
Addison Iszler Chemistry Arts & Sciences Noncovalent interactions in PAMAM dendrimer analogues Dr. Marco Bonizzoni
Andrew Laningham Communication Studies CCIS Self-concept maintenance theory applied in the context of food honor systems Dr. Darrin Griffin
Daryl Lakner Chemistry Arts & Sciences Structural and Electronic Properties of Pd Clusters: Catalyst Models Dr. David Dixon
Kyle Leonard Chemical Engineering Engineering Cell Toxicity Profiles of Ionic Liquids Dr. Christopher Brazel
Annemarie Lisko English / Italian Arts & Sciences ‘[B]y the Snake Memory Stung’: Progressions of Remembrance in Percy Shelley’s Italian Poetry Stephen Tedeschi
Ryan Morelock Chemical and Biological Engineering Engineering Electrodeposition for Palladium Zinc Bimetallic Catalyst Dr. Qiang Huang
Blair Morrison Marine Science/Biology Arts & Sciences Green Invaders: Life History of the European Green Crab (Carcinus maenas) in Southern Maine Dr. Fred Whiting
Logan Norris Biology/Psychology Arts & Sciences Investigation of Dopamine Neuron Degeneration as a Consequence of Microbiome Derived Bacteria Dr. Kim Caldwell
Samuel Ostrow Political Science Arts & Sciences Open Seats in U.S. House Elections 1996-2016 Dr. Stephen Borrelli
Graham Parker Biology Arts & Sciences Neurobehavioral Analysis of Glutamate Signaling in Dystonia Dr. Guy Caldwell
Rylee Perentis Biology Arts & Sciences Gene-by-environment interactions that disrupt mitochondrial homeostasis
cause neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease models
Dr. Kim Caldwell
James Pezent Aerospace Engineering Engineering Astrodynamics and Space Research: Contingency Trajectory Design for NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) Scout Mission Dr. Rohan Sood
Pablo Ramos Ferrer Chemical Biological Engineering Engineering Oxidatively Stable Conducting Polymer Electrodes for Energy Storage Dr. Ju-Won Jeon
Donna Xia Chemical Engineering Engineering Actinide +III and +IV Ion Aqueous Hydrolysis Reactions Dr. David Dixon