Celebrating UA Women: Student Uses Film to Inspire Others

Celebrating UA Women: Student Uses Film to Inspire Others

By Tory Hyde

Allison Reynolds works on her short film, “The Things That Unite Us.”

Allison Reynolds, a UA junior majoring in  journalism and creative media, gave a speech recently at the The Tide Talks x BWFF event. The speech was titled “The Future of Film is Female.” Reynolds always has been fascinated with movies and wants to make films that inspire people. She is in the post- production stage of creating a short film, “The Things That Unite Us,” which is a story about a young only child who befriends a poltergeist named Liz. Here are Reynolds’ comments about women in film:

What is the inspiration behind your films?

Allison Reynolds: “I can’t say that I am inspired by many of the same things when it comes to the films that I make, but one thing that is very important to me when making a film is making strong and confident female characters. I think we need more strong female roles, while also making sure that they are real and human.”

Describe what the film industry is like in regards to women?

AR: “The film industry, unfortunately, is very hard on women. Women do not always receive equal pay, can be looked at as objects and are often not given the same opportunities as men. It’s one of the most sexist industries, and that’s why movements like Time’s Up have been created. Women are tired of being treated poorly and disrespected in this industry. I know that once I graduate, I’m really going to have to work extra hard to get opportunities and jobs that my male counterparts may have more access to.”

How do you try to break those boundaries?

AR: “The best way to break these boundaries is for people to discuss these issues. When people realize there is a problem in our industry, and then go out of their way to include others, that’s how we break down those barriers. It’s also important for women to support one another and help bring other women up with them.”

What motivates you?

AR: “I want to prove that I can do what people have told me time and time again that I can’t do.”

Reynolds directs her film.

What do you hope the audience takes away from your talk?

AR: “I hope the audience goes out and tells everyone they know. I hope the men in the audience campaign for female filmmakers, and I hope the women in the audience support one another and build up other women. We need things to change, so great women that aren’t getting a voice, have an equal opportunity in the industry to share their stories.”

What are some recent milestones or steps in the right direction you have noticed?

AR: “Rachel Morrison (the first female to be nominated for an Oscar in the category of cinematography) and Ava Duvernay (the first woman of color to direct a $100 million budgeted film) are two inspiring women who are breaking down barriers and proving that women are capable of holding these positions.”

What do you feel like you have accomplished as a woman in film?

AR: “Directing and writing my short film was amazing. It was such a great feeling to have people look to me to guide them. It made me feel more confident in my abilities as a filmmaker.”

 To see more of Allison’s work click here. You can also follow her on instagram @reynolds_photographyandfilm.