UA Offers American West Summer Seminar

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Thanks to The University of Alabama’s College of Continuing Studies External Degree Program (EXD), 15 students from seven states, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, will get a chance to study the American West this summer.

A summer seminar, The American West, is scheduled at UA for July 9-15 for EXD Program students. The course instructor is Dr. Richard Megraw, an assistant professor in UA’s department of American studies.

Students will examine several key conflicts from the 19th century West during the course. These conflicts include tensions between capitalist expansion and democratic society, the environmental transformation of the West and the image of the West in art, a place to escape the time’s changes.

Students will study through art, first-hand account and scholarly assessment to gain experience about the West. By the completion of the course, the student will understand the impact of Western conflicts on 19th century America.

The 15 summer seminar students will complete assignments and readings prior to the course. Their on-campus time will include lectures, discussions, group work, film screenings and a field trip. Three semester hours of credit will be received for completing the course.

The University established the EXD Program in 1973 to serve adult students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree through non-traditional means. The EXD Program, a distance learning program, is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program. More than 1,000 students have graduated from UA through the EXD Program. Students from every state come to the program to enhance their work performance, to prepare for career changes or to satisfy the personal goal of earning a college degree.

The Summer Seminars started in 1983 because students requested an on-campus academic experience. The seminars provide students with an opportunity to share their experiences with other external degree students.


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Dr. Patty Dice, associate director, UA External Degree Program, 205/348-6000 Dr. Richard Megraw, assistant professor of American studies, 205/348-9765