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UA In the News — Jan. 9

Rhode Island Hospital Tests mHealth Wearable to Track Eating Habits
mHealth Intelligence – Jan. 9

A Rhode Island hospital is launching a pilot program to determine whether an mHealth wearable can help users lose weight. Researchers the The Miriam Hospital, part of the Lifespan Health System, will be using an mHealth device called the Automatic Ingestion Monitor. Developed at the University of Alabama, the AIM attaches to a user’s eyeglasses and monitors eating habits, including what kinds of foods are eaten, how much, how often and how fast.
Outbreak News Today – Jan. 8

Weather warning experts say many people don’t know their location
CBS 42 – Jan. 9
Dr. Laura Myers with the University of Alabama has many years of researching the weather warning communication process. Dr. Myers is the director of the Center for Advanced Public Safety at UA. Myers said her studies show that many people are not aware of where they live on the map. She said it sounds simple but you need to know what county you live in, where you are within the county you live, and your surrounding counties and cities.

“I Know I’m Not The Only One”: Disability and Escaping Domestic Abuse
Folks – Jan. 9
In the beginning, things were really good—until several years into their marriage, when she began to show symptoms of genetic illnesses, which were later diagnosed as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency. Emily Lund, currently an assistant professor at University of Alabama, has ten years of experience researching interpersonal violence among disability communities. She tells Folks there are multiple ways dependence can make it harder for disabled individuals to escape abusive situations.

Transact connects student IDs to Google Pay
Finextra – Jan. 9

Transact Mobile Credential support for campus IDs in Google Pay creates a seamless experience for students navigating campus by offering secure access to facilities, residence halls, and more, as well as payments for dining, laundry, vending and retail. Fifteen institutions plan to deliver Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay in the initial roll out, including Arkansas State University, Chowan University, College of Coastal Georgia, Duke University, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Johns Hopkins University, Marshall University, Mercer University, Roanoke College, St. Edward’s University, South Dakota State University, Temple University, The University of Alabama, and University of New Brunswick.

UA political science professor discusses possible outcomes of war with Iran
WVUA – Jan. 8
In a news conference this morning, President Trump reassured the world he does not want a war. We talked with Dr. Allen Linken from The University of Alabama to discuss possible outcomes.